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Supplying artists with excellent equipment since 2013

© by AKG

Global Rockstar pays a lot of attention to its sponsoring partners, assuring that the prizes are from the professional segment and relevant to the artists. When we first thought of the on-going Featured Artist Contest, where all Global Rockstar participants have the chance to win cool prizes every week, we agreed that the partner’s choice would be crucial.

AKG, Global Rockstar’s first ever partner, started delivering the prizes for the Featured Artist Contest in January 2013, more than two and a half years ago – and believe me, for an online company this is a long time! AKG made history in the music equipment world back in 1953 with its D12, the world’s first dynamic cardioid microphone, and continues delivering extraordinary equipment today. The cherry on top of the cake? AKG, just like us, operates from Vienna!

So maybe the relationship between a company and a sponsoring partner is not the most romantic liaison one can imagine, but Global Rockstar and AKG are the exception to this rule :-)

Scroll the images in the gallery and check how many Global Rockstar artists are happily recording and performing with the AKG D5 microphone!

  • BÄMS!‎
    BÄMS!‎ - Germany - "Just got the prize for being Artist Of The Week! Thanks a lot!!"
  • Red Diamonds
    Red Diamonds
    Red Diamonds - Belgium
  • Bujumannu
    Bujumannu - Italy - "Thank you Global Rockstar ♡♡♡ and thanks to all for the MASSIVE support! Today I got my gift, the microphone AKG D5!!! Love U all!"
  • Hyperstern
    Hyperstern - Bosnia and Herzegovina - "..the first contact with their prize was very dangerous!!"
  • Mariella Venero
    Mariella Venero
    Mariella Venero - Venezuela - "Robame un beso but not my new AKG D5 ;-)"
  • Tsukiyoi
    Tsukiyoi - Japan - "NOW TSUKIYOI got AKG D5!! SUPERB!!! Thanks again for your kind support!"
  • Annuluk
    Annuluk - Germany - "Thank you for Microphone AKG D5, in live situations, it makes his job very well!"
  • EES
    EES - Namibia - "THANK YOU Global Rockstar fort he AKG D5 microphone. You guys Global ROCK! haha"
  • HYPE
    HYPE – Russia – “Microphone arrived ☺ Thank you Global Rockstar!”
  • MissT
    Miss T – Austria – “Thank you!”
  • The Fret
    The Fret
    The Fret - Sweden - "The Fret says Thanks!! to all of you who support us in Global Rockstar! We just received our price for Artist Of The Week ☺"

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts