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Mon coeur a trop aimé - live!


June 11, 2015 – Vienna, Austria
Theater am Spittelberg – ZOË on concert

The first feature-length concert is always a milestone for an artist, even for ZOË who, despite her young age, has already collected remarkable experience. But tonight for the first time her name, only her name, is in lights!

We’ve already seen ZOË on stage at the Eurovision Song Contest Austrian finals. She was terrific and earned 3rd place, but many fans thought this ranking was an underestimation. Many already fell in love with her music – let’s not forget that ZOË writes her songs herself – a distinctive mix of electro-pop and swing with a hint of chanson Français.

ZOË and her band take us into a one and a half hour journey, which is also a preview of the upcoming album. The live acoustic and violin arrangement, the true leitmotiv, leads us trough the evening. We were lucky to listen to all new original numbers, including the new single Mon coeur a trop aimé, if you like the unplugged version in the video click on the link and listen to the original. The album will be ready this Fall.

We can only confirm what we suspected before the show: ZOË is a pleasure to listen to but also to watch (and not only for her wonderful dress, which you can admire in the video)! She’s shy, true, but she’s so young! Once she starts singing she loses all her shyness, like magic. Combine this with her superb voice and the perky tune… if we have to sum up the evening with just one word, well, charming it is!

PS The concert was sold out — not bad for a first, right?!

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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