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Artist of the Month – January 2016

© by HASH

Band members: Mário Gajarský – songwriter, guitar, lead singer, lyrics, producer, sound engineer; Denis Bango – songwriter, keyboard, lead singer, lyrics; Michal Majchrák – bass, vocal; Jozef (Jozo) Slovák – drums; Linda Mankovecká – vocal
Genre: Dirty Rock
Hometown: Trnava, Slovakia.

Wow, is it really official? It is such great news for us! Thank you to the whole Global Rockstar team for your support – really appreciate it!

(Last week at the office)

“Who would you like to have as Artist of the Month?”

“Hash, of course!”

“Who would you like as Art…”


“Who wou…”

“Hash, Hash, HASH!!”

This time it was clear that the decision would be unanimous! 😀

Congratulations HASH! You’re our Artist of the Month for January 2016!

HASH is a dirty rock band from Trnava, Slovakia that just celebrated its 10th birthday.

The band was founded by Mário Gajarský, who already has some of his own material, and drummer Jozef Slovák. Mario’s younger brother Denis was invited to play keyboard and sing vocals. With Brano Bosko on bass guitar and vocalist Eva Hipíková they were ready to create, play and record music. With this lineup HASH released three works (The Songs, 2006, Great Music Day, 2007 and Rock´N´Roll Trip, 2010).

In 2010 Branislav Bosko and Eva Hipiková left the band and a new era just began with Michal Majchrák on the bass and Linda Mankovecká on vocals.

In 2012 HASH released a new album, First Aid. They started to play bigger gigs in Slovakia and also came in 3rd place in the Czech and Slovak music competition Radegast Líheň.

Now full of creative power and energy, the band took time to work on new material. In December 2015 HASH released their brand new album 10g.

The title suggests a number of things… weightlessness, for example, or the 10 year activity of the band, or the 10 songs it contains. A concept album that tells a music story, whose interpretation is intentionally left to the listener.

How long have you been playing together as HASH?

The band has existed for 10 years. During this time it has changed only two members, bassist and vocalist. In the current lineup we’ve played together for over six years.

How many albums do you have?

Officially, there are three albums. The first was Rock’n’Roll Trip, released in 2010. Our second – First Aid – came out in 2012. Our last album was released at the end of 2015 and is called 10g.

Before that we had some musical achievements, but I don’t think one can call anything before Rock’n’Roll Trip an official album! :-)

What makes HASH unique?

Jozo (the drummer): All members of the band love different music styles and play in other projects in various music genres, from Punk to Rock and Metal. I’d say that Mário’s, and his younger brother Denis’, musical sensibility plays the biggest role in defining the HASH sound. And I just hope that their musical and composer talents will get recognition in the music world!

Do you co-operate only musically or are you also best friends?

Mário (the songwriter/guitar): We are pretty close to each other. It wouldn’t be possible for me to play with people I don’t understand… there must be a spark, an intimate connection. We spend most of our free time making music together!

Michal (the bass player): There is a lot of mutual respect between us and I am happy for every moment spent with these people, professionally or not. My belly hurts from laughter alone at the memory of the things we went through together!

Denis (the songwriter/keyboard): We are the quintessential rock’n’roll band. Our relation is fuelled mostly by music, and it is an almost inexhaustible source.

Jozo (the drummer): The most important thing supporting the great atmosphere we have in the band – and also thing that fascinates me most – is the fact that all band members are great people and that we’re friends. Without this chemistry HASH wouldn’t be HASH. It is there and it’s lasted for a long time! :-)

Tell us something about the new album HASH 10g.  

The real work began in February 2015 at our home music studio Bunker in Trnava, Slovakia. The whole band worked really hard to get to the final material. It consists of 10 tracks and one can listen to it as a conceptual album.

Our friend Jozef Lužák wrote the lyrics for three songs. In addition, there was some hosting too: Jakub Danis on the harmonica and John Andevská at the violin. Bruno Oravec finally mixed the album at Tools studio. Thanks to TOPFEST agency we could make physical CDs by the end of January 2016. The visuals are by Raffaella Bertolini, the front cover art by Chiko Milos Moravcik – Package Art & Design.

What about promotion?

We have a few shows already booked. One of them is at Top Fest, the biggest rock festival in Slovakia that will take place the first weekend of July in Piestany.

We already started to promote the new video clip for the single Aloud, which was released back in December 2015.

What are your plans for the future?

At the moment we are mainly focusing on promoting the new album – 10g. We would also like to shoot a video for another song from that album.

Gradually we will also start working on new songs for the next album.

You can find all the links to HASH on their website

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