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Artist Of The Month – September 2015

© by Naima

Instrument: Vocals, guitar, singer-songwriter
Genre: Folk, Alternative, Rock, Pop
Hometown, home country: Aachen, Germany.

Naima Artist NameAfter a fierce battle for the title of Artist Of The Month in September we made our decision… meet NAIMA, singer-songwriter from Aachen, Germany and Artist Of The Month for September 2015!

After moving to England at age 18 and releasing her fist album Mania there in 2014, Naima moved back to her home country Aachen, Germany. Her latest album Oryx Moon came out in spring 2015 and already received radio play in UK.

Naima is a real busy bee! Besides her own music – she’s working on a new EP – and collaborating with other artists, Naima loves to play live gigs and almost never misses a chance to do so. On YouTube you can follow her project Talking Bob Dylan, where she covers Bob Dylan in her distinctive and charismatic way.

What struck us about Naima, besides her fresh and direct personality, is of course her music – music that comes from the heart. If asked why she started making music, Naima first talks about music as a private journey in search of joy and internal harmony then comes the need, the urge to express herself, to communicate. And this is probably her secret: stay true to yourself and the audience will understand your message.

Naima is currently working on an acoustic live video version of her latest album Oryx Moon that will be published this coming winter.

My songs often evolve while I record them.

Who or what inspired you to take up composing?
I have always needed my music for joy and to express myself — to others and to myself. There is an indescribable communication in music that I sometimes get to experience when I play live. I hope that my words and music find new meanings and importance for other people who listen to it.

How did you earn your first money as a musician?
The first money I earned from my music came from busking when I was about 14. I still love doing it.

Live or studio, what suits you best?
They are two very different things. Especially in a solo project it is great to be able to experiment with different instruments and add/redo things, which is all possible in a studio. My songs often evolve while I record them.

Playing live, on the other hand, is honest and real. Your audience is in direct contact with you. You never know what to expect, it’s always different. You get to see your music come alive. Both are very important parts for me.

Gun to my head? I’d probably rather only play live than only work in a studio.

Your favorite part of a music production
The composition part is the most rewarding for me. It’s always amazing when you realize you have just created something completely new.

The highest moment of your career so far
The feelings I reach by playing can be so intensive that comparing them seems impossible. Like the feeling of having written a song, of noticing someone in your audience that you are really reaching, of receiving messages from all over the world or sometimes just sitting there playing a song that you really like…

Publishing both of my albums felt pretty great! After working from early in the morning to late at night for months, you suddenly hold this physical achievement in your hands, something you have created. The feeling is indescribable.

The lowest moment of your career
As an artist you have to deal with rejection and people giving you destructive feedback. You have to learn not to let these things get to you too much and perhaps there is even something helpful hidden behind the words.

Where would you like to live, musically speaking?
In New York’s Greenwich Village in the 60s!

Where would you like to play a gig?
Woodstock! Or Newport Folk Festival.

You really want to learn to play
The banjo!

The most musical natural sound
I love the sound of water. It can be the rain, a river, the sea… it always sounds beautiful and even features in the song dotwav on my latest album Oryx Moon.

The perfect foreign language to sing
I think it is just amazing how every language has its own character. The same song would sound completely different if you sang it in English or in French – which are two languages I love singing in. I’d say I prefer English. It is a beautiful, emotional language and since lyrics are really important to me, it’s great how many people you can reach in this language.

The last track you listened to?
Stuck on the Puzzle by Alex Turner.

The last single/EP/album you bought?
An original Joan Baez vinyl from 1960 – for five cents on a flea market. Not joking.

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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