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Artist of the Month – December 2015

© by Shane Board

Instrument: Vocals
Genre: Pop/Country
Hometown: Poole Dorset, UK.

This time it was quite easy to decide who should become Artist of the Month 😀

We have known Shane Board since he entered last year’s Global Rockstar 2014 contest and have been watching him closely. Basically we love everything about him: his message, his commitment, his voice, his music.

Congratulations Shane Board! You’re our Artist of the Month for December 2015!

I don’t really earn from my music as I donate it all to charity (…) All I want is to make money to help fund Diabetes Research.

Shane Board was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 10 and together with his mom he founded Pop 4 Diabetes, a charity that raises funds for diabetes research through music and events.

Shane works closely together with Brit Award winner Simon Ellis, producer and musical director, who has worked with Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, Westlife, S Club 7 and East 17.

“I work with Brit Award producer Simon Ellis, I tell him how I feel and he puts the words to music.”

In 2015 Shane Board was honored at Westminster Palace with a British Citizens Award for his dedication to making a difference to the future of those with diabetes and for his fundraising. He is now on a role of honor with a medal and has fancy letters after his name… “which I use sometimes but not often as I don’t want to make it seem as if I am better than anyone else!”

Shane has also been chosen as an official British citizens ambassador so he’s always available for interviews and as a public speaker to raise awareness for the cause.

Last year Shane finished filming his new music video for the single California, that was released on November 14th – World Diabetes Day.

2016 will be a busy year for Shane. After California’s release, an agent from Nashville tracked him down from abroad and they are now chatting about new possibilities… we cross our fingers for a new adventure!

I have decided to go country style for California, it’s a song I just wanted to record. It is a love song, so compared to the strong message of my other tracks one may say it has no meaning, but this one is the real me – a country guy at heart! I wanted to do this for a long time so I’m very excited and hope it goes well as all proceeds will go to the charity.

When did you start making music?

When I was about 14.

Who or what inspired you to take up singing?

I always enjoyed music and started doing talent shows. Things snowballed from there and I think I was inspired by Darius Campbell although I do take inspiration from a few others too… mainly country, as that’s the style I love and that’s why I have just released my first country track. Long time coming but it’s where I am at and very me.

What was your first ever job?

I worked in a computer games shop on the weekends as a teenager and then for a couple of IT companies. But to be able to continue with my music and fundraising I decided to be self-employed and now have my own company.

How did you earn your first money as a musician?

I don’t really earn from my music as I donate it all to charity.

Live or studio, what suits you best?

I love to be live on stage but I also enjoy working in the studio with my fantastic producer, Brit Award winner Simon Ellis – the man behind some of S Club 7’s big hits.

Your favorite part of a music production

Recording is the best part, and hearing the finished product.

The lowest moment of your career

Don’t think I have ever had a lowest moment… I’m not looking for fame from it so I don’t get too disappointed if things don’t go well. All I want is to make money to help fund Diabetes Research.

The highest moment of your career so far

Music wise I think it has to be when I was the warm up act for Westlife.

Where would you like to live, musically speaking?

I love the thought of Nashville but I wouldn’t want to live so far from my family and friends.

Where would you like to play a gig?

I would love to play maybe at Wembley in the UK, but the bigger the venue the better for me!

Your idea of a perfect gig

Full house and all the money to go to my Charity!

Your idea of a disastrous gig

If no one turned up :-(

Your favorite outfit for a gig

I like to wear something appropriate for the occasion. If I’m performing swing then suit and tie, pop is casual and trendy and country is a typical check shirt and jeans. Away from the stage I’m just a hoody and jeans kind of guy J

Your favorite music instrument

I love the guitar and have just bought one so hopefully I will get time to use it this year!

The most musical natural sound

I love the sound of silence, as strange as that may seem.

The perfect foreign language to sing

Hmmm… I’m not sure. English is best for me, I guess.

Which works are you most proud of?

I’m proud of my tracks that I have created with Simon Ellis but wish I had the money for more promotion. I’m sure they could do much better if they were out there a bit more but it’s so hard getting heard unless you are with one of the big labels.

What is he most important skill required – besides talent – to become a successful musician?

I’m very laid back and that’s why Simon (Ellis) chose to work with me… he hates people who email him saying I want to be a pop star! I never chased him and he found me!

What keeps you up at night with regard to your music career?

I’m always listening to music late at night and thinking of ways to make more money through my own tracks.

The best concert you’ve seen in the audience

I’m a big Taylor Swift fan so I’ve seen her live a few times and she’s just the best! I saw Justin Bieber supporting her before he was famous…

The last track you listened to?

Emeli Sandé, Clown. I love her voice.

The last single/EP/album you bought?

Craig David’s first Album, Born to Do It.

Describe your music

My music has so many different styles but I have finally found myself and I’m a Country Boy at heart.

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts