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#AOTM – Steamvalve Nation

Honorary Artist of the Month - January 2015

© by Steamvalve Nation

Band members: Terry Tuccori, Vocals and Guitars; Frank Conway, Bass; Victor Arre, Drums and Percussion; Dalia Hotpantz and Vanessa Camacho, Backing Vocals and Percussion
Genre: Rock
Hometown: Chicago, IL, USA.

Holy Steamvalve!!

Honorary Artist of the Month for January 2015 is Steamvalve Nation, from the U.S.A.!

Steamvalve Nation was formed in the summer of 2013 and later added backing vocals and brass to broaden the dimension of the music. Steamvalve Nation’s philosophy is to create feel good music, with a classic rock edge and relative storylines. They perform hard rocking tunes and create a journey of sound and vision that challenges the audience.

Steamvalve Nation rounds out the look with a steampunk flair and creates a live, mystical, experience, turning the stage into a post industrial futuristic scene.

The band name was, originally, only Steamvalve. We then added Nation to it – to unite everybody in it. We’re all here on the same planet, we are all one people. Music is universal, it calms people, it brings people together, is positive in a negative world, and the best thing about it is, it’s timeless.

How did it start with music?

Terry: My first influences were from my mom – country western from the radio. I then moved towards rock and roll – I have two older sisters and they dated musicians…

I started playing drums in the 70s, borrowed from one of my sisters’ boyfriends. I set it in the basement and started banging around on them. Then my grandparents told me ‘Get out of that basement!’ so I switched to acoustic guitar. It was a bit more on the curve!

Victor: I started playing drums probably around age 10. I couldn’t get my fingers around the neck of a guitar so after two weeks of guitar lessons I thought ‘This is not fun!’ and switched to percussions!

My inspiration comes from lots of people, I like jazz, I like blues…

Frank: When I was little I used to put on records of the latest hits and sing and dance along with my brother and sister… that’s how it started.

What is your music writing process?

Terry: I don’t force myself. I usually sit down and come up with a riff. Then extend and expand on that, let it happen naturally… a meditation kind of thing. It’s all stuff already there in the universe, it’s up to you to let it come into your being and figure out where you want to go with it. Songwriting is almost like crafting wine, if you will, let it age a little bit. You have a first draft, a second draft, a third draft… and then a final draft.

Frank: For me the bass is interesting, because I also play guitar and when you play guitar you’re usually doing the upper melodies, the more forefront melody of the song. With the bass I’m driving with the drummer – and Victor is a good drummer. I kind of ride along with him and stay in the groove with him; usually the ideas come to me that way. While with the guitar you go more with the vocals and singing part. It’s two different animals.

What is it with the steampunk theme? You really put a lot into your stage shows!

Terry: Yeah! Because I believe this is show business and when a band comes out to play it should deliver a show. I also make all the props. I make everything! I get the creativity from my ma. This industrious creativity is part of the steampunk culture – that’s what it’s all about, being creative!

Frank: I like the fact that people involved with steampunk are really creative too! They’re inventors, they like to take things and make cool stuff out of it, recreating historical gear from back in the 1800s. Just like they were doing in the 1800s, they were inventing and trying different things, trying to make the world a better place.

I like that we take rock and roll and infuse it into it, with the same creative spirit. Theatrically, we can use the fashion and all, and it’s fun for the fans! They can dress up like that too! It’s a fun attitude – not too serious.

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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