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Artist of the Month - March 2015

© by BARE

Members: BARE – soloist, composer, singer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, guitar, lap steel guitar, iPad
Genre: pop-rock, singer-songwriting
Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Para mi la música es energiá y en mi disco Primer Estado simplemente fluí através de ella. – For me music is energy and in my first album Primer Estado I simply flow through it.

Artist of the Month for March 2015 is UniversoBare, from Argentina!

BARE is singer-songwriter, musician, composer, guitarist and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is Artist of the Month for March 2015.

When and why did you start making music? 

I’ve been playing or composing songs and music all my life. Since I was born, music used to be all around the house while I was playing with my toys. Music has always been there. And music remains something I extremely enjoy, just like it was at the beginning.

Who or what inspired you to take up your guitar? 

Desire, mystery and thoughts. Every day they sing to me from my guitar and I must follow this flow.

As in the lyrics of Siempre:

Dejate sorprender por tu camino, sos dueño de tus sueños, siempre.

(Let yourself be surprised by your destiny, you are always the owner of your dreams.)

Live or studio, what suits you best? 

Both. For many years I’ve been locked up in my home studio – my own music research lab – searching inside myself. Now I believe the moment has arrived and I’m opening up to the world.

Your favorite part of a music production

Composing is the part I like most. Flowing with the melodies – I feel they let me fly – and experimenting, is the best part for me.

The highest moment of your career so far 

My performance on Ceraxti, benefit/tribute concert inspired by the famous Argentine musician Gustavo Cerati. I was the special guest and played my song Un día + commemorating Gustavo. That awesome amphitheater was full of people and during the song it became a temple: it was a deeply emotional moment for me and for everybody.

Your favorite music instrument besides yours

My main instrument is the guitar, but I love to play almost everything, especially the lap steel guitar.

The most musical natural sound 

The sound of a little stream of water. I’m always trying to flow with my music, as much as with my life.

Which works are you most proud of?

My debut album Primer Estado. I feel very proud of the entire album. I’m also proud of the Un día + video, the one that got me to Artist of the Month on Global Rockstar. Those were magical moments and I feel blessed for having the chance to make them true. I also love the cover of Primer Estado. We worked together on the concept with Argentinian artist Esteban Candia. We used sacred geometry because we found out that it was really linked with the spiritual nature of my music, and it became a very important part of my message. This album cover is a hit and everybody loves it!

What is the most important skill required – besides talent – to become a successful musician? 

To trust in the dreams of your soul, and to work hard everyday, no matter what, to fulfill them.

The best concert you’ve seen in the audience

David Gilmour, Arena di Verona, 2015.

The last track you listened to? 

The sound of a river, literally.

Describe your music 

For me #musicequalsenergy.

What is your current project?

I’m working on this beautiful idea: the translation of the songs from my first album, Primer Estado, to four string instruments: cello, viola and two violins. I believe this will become my next album and live tour.

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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