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Artist Of The Week – Monday, Nov. 9, 2015

© by Alessiee

Members: Alesya Perminova (vox), Denis Agarev (guitar), Igor Potrusaev (guitar), Grigory Berenov (keyboards), Andrey Bronin (drums), Sergey Sidorov (bass)
Genre: Pop, Rock, Dance, Funk, Electro, Trip-Hop
Hometown: Russia, Moscow.

This week Artist Of The Week was overwhelmingly clear: the band ALESSIEE from Moscow, Russia!!

They received enthusiastic comments from friends, fans and many other musicians and bands too. Alessiee appreciation is not only international but intercontinental: they received comments in multiple languages, from their own country Russia, of course, and also from France, UK, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Nigeria, USA… it was awesome to read!

We appreciated so much the invitation to participate in Global Rockstar 2015 several days before its launch. It’s a good way to celebrate our new line-up and compete with musicians all around the globe.

The band Alessiee has been evolving gradually since 2008. Initially it was a virtual project, without any gigs, any shows, any media coverage – a duo that wrote songs for themselves and for other artists. The turning point in Alessiee’s evolution is, curiously, associated with the song Time Is Over – the track that got them the Artist Of The Day title and won them Artist of The Week in Global Rockstar’s ongoing Featured Artist Contest.

Time Is Over was released in Alessiee’s second album About You and sounded a bit heavy for the project’s pop setup at that time. In their own words Time Is Over wasn’t promising at all!

In 2015 Alessiee turned from virtual-pop-duo to a six-member-rock-band and Time Is Over was reborn with the rock sound it merited. Alessiee entered a young performers contest held by Radio Sibir, a main Russian radio station, with Time Is Over and in May 2015 they won the contest and got their first air play. The broadcasting station was so charmed by the vocals of Alesya Perminova that they even invited her to record jingles for the radio!

In August 2015 Time Is Over helped Alessiee to win the selection for the festival Metro On Stage. They were selected among 1,500 contesters and Alessiee was highly appraised not only by the listeners, but also by well-known Russian rock stars.

Alessiee is currently in a well deserved euphoric state, promoting their music, playing gigs and participating in festivals. As a very international oriented band – besides Russian and French, Alessiee’s songs are mostly in English – their only worry at the moment is that they may have neglected their international fan base which has been essential for many years. That’s why Alessiee appreciate so much the invitation to participate in Global Rockstar 2015 several days before its launch. It is a good way to celebrate their new line-up and compete with musicians all around the globe.

Alessiee will soon present their new single Honest, that will probably surprise many fans and prove, once again, that Alessiee can’t and won’t limit themselves within genre boundaries.

Can’t wait to listen to it on Global Rockstar! 😉

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts