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#AOTW – David Blair

Artist of the Week – Monday March 21, 2016

© by David Blair

Band members: “Mostly it’s me alone, but when I play in town there’s a dude on drums named Dean ‘Schroeder’, a cellist named Bryan Deans, and a bass player called Erik Neilson…”
Genre: Acoustic, Pop, Dance
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada – currently living in Berlin, Germany.

Artist of the Week is athlete, philosopher, video blogger, musician and hugger David Blair from… well, all over the world!

“A truly talented artist with the gift of voice AND hugs. He never ceases to entertain.”

“This is a talented singer/songwriter with a big heart. Regardless of the size of venue, his shows are personal.”

“LOVE David Blair! Upbeat, fun, crazy, sweet.”

“He writes special, heartfelt songs. It’s always great to receive a David Blair hug.”

“Awesome voice, excellent songwriting and always on the fun side. David Blair deserves to be listened to by a much bigger crowd … and all the small crowds in the world!”

“A global hug ambassador! And a great singer, too!”

“David is the most hug-licious of musicians!! Hard working, straight forward and crazy in the best of ways!!! Just dying to see him live again.”

“David is a guy who just enjoys what he does and inspires people to do the same. I think many people can learn from him.”

“One of the most inspiring, open minded and heartwarming artists ever!”

“You can’t leave a David Blair concert without a big smile on your face! :-)

I hug as many people as I can at every show!

I reached out to David via email and his kind-heartedness hit me like a train, albeit the electronic medium. <3

David Blair: Hey Monica! This is so exciting – the comments were so heartwarming and beautiful to read! :-) What a wonderful surprise!

Some of the comments suggest you’re a serious hugger…

I’m a hug ambassador, an athlete and believer in dreams!

What about music?

Music was one of my first loves growing up – sport was equally a love of mine from an early age.

But, like music, the experience wasn’t always pleasant and at the end of high school I wasn’t really playing my instruments and I started to lose a lot of confidence in sports.

What happened then? How did you reconcile with music?

By the time I was 30, I was totally depressed and fantasized about dying. But then I took on some bigger projects and started to really attack my fears. In doing so I started to free myself of the tyranny of ego – for lack of a better word.

I bought a house, I started recording music on my own, started entering songwriting contests and traveling to festivals. Perhaps the biggest fear of all was tackling my fear of the stage.

It looks like you managed pretty well to overcome it! :-)

Songwriting was a passion from an early teenage time but it took a long time to get comfortable on stage to share the songs. Now I love it because I have the chance to take care of people, give them something to smile about, cry about, talk about and feel about.

Sounds like you’ve found your balance…

My stand for people now is to be connected through music, sport and touch. My songs are about things like appreciation, finding balance in life, authenticity, romantic feelings for people, failure, honesty with oneself and dreams.

I train for and run a marathon every year in a different city in the world. And I hug as many people as I can at every show.

I’m touring Brazil and volunteering at the Summer Olympics this July/August. My tour will be in cities where the Olympic torch is going or has been leading up to the games. I love the Olympics because it brings the world together through sport and music.

Music being the national anthem of each country being played for every gold medal won and all the music at the opening and closing games and throughout!

Tell me about your #songwritingsunday project!

I write a song every Sunday as part of my quest to write 1,000 songs in my lifetime. I publish it raw and unedited every Sunday evening!

It is called #songwritingsunday and you and find it on my YouTube channel.

What’s coming next?

I have a new album that is nearly out and will be released officially in June this year – it’s called What Are You Trying To Say and I’m excited to release it as it’s been four years since I officially released a new album!

You can find all updates here!

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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