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Artist Of The Week – Monday, November 16, 2015

© by Fatihi Said

Genre: R&B, Pop
Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya.

Our Artist Of The Week is FATIHI SAID from Nairobi, Kenya!

“All the best bro <3 we believe in you & got your back xx”

“Wonderful Music!”

“I love your music, video very moving, I came to emotions, keep going! Many successes! A hug from Venezuela”


“They say stars will always shine no matter what, Fatihi Said is the rarest of all gems with such great credibility. Last time I watched him perform on stage I knew he had more than what it takes to make the world a better place!”

At the moment I am working on a new song called One Way. This was the first song I ever wrote and I would love to share it with my fans.

Fatihi Said is a young artist who started performing as a child at his primary school. He has already gathered a strong fan-base who ensure his songs are on hot rotation in various clubs and pubs across the region. What most definitely impresses his fans is Fatihi’s formidable stage presence… perfect for an artist who aims at entertaining people of all ages!

Fatihi, like many artists around the world (too many artists, actually), works as a web and graphic design freelancer, a day-job that makes it possible for him to support himself and to finance his music. He is an independent artist at the beginning of his career and independence, of course, means a lot of things. So from one side Fatihi enjoys the freedom of experimenting with different genres and of choosing a different producer to work with accordingly. He focuses mainly on R&B and pop music but feels drawn to House Music as well. On the other hand independent artists can experience difficulties with the music industry, especially in countries where artists mainly focus only on certain music genres.

Fatihi has recorded four songs in four different genres so far: Breaking My Heart, Habibi, Disco Love and Step Up. Habibi participates in Global Rockstar 2015 and is currently #1 in the pre-selections charts for Kenya. If you MEGAVOTE for Fatihi Said you can download Disco Love for just 1 credit.

We asked Fatihi to underline some main events in his career in the last year. His answer left us speechless… we share it here otherwise nobody will believe us!

“One of the major events that happened to me since last year was joining Global Rockstar. I met amazing musicians all over the world and have kept in touch with most. Like Rex Razor from Nigeria, Amber Pope from Australia, Katie Thompson from New Zealand, Denis Agarev from Russia and so many more.”

Congratulations, Fatihi and thank you! You won Artist Of The Week, a professional AKG D5 microphone is on its way to you and you’re up-and-running for the Artist Of The Month contest! :-)

AKGD5The Artist Of The Week wins an AKG D5 Microphone!

The D5 professional dynamic vocal microphone for lead and backing vocals delivers a powerful sound even on the noisiest stage. Its frequency-independent supercardioid polar pattern ensures maximum gain before feedback.
The D5 stands for a crisp sound that cuts through every mix. The dual shock mount eliminates any kind of mechanical noise for trouble-free live use. The audience will hear the pristine sound of your voice!


Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts