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Artist of the Week – Monday January 18, 2015

© by HASH

Band members: Mário Gajarský – songwriter, guitar, lead singer, lyrics, producer and sound engineer; Denis Bango – songwriter, keyboard, lead singer, lyrics; Michal Majchrák – bass, vocals; Jozef Slovák – drums; Linda Mankovecká – vocals
Genre: Dirty Rock
Hometown: Trnava, Slovakia.

Artist of the Week is the band HASH from Trnava, Slovakia!

“Well played HASH! Awesome songs \m/”

“Supeeeer muzička (y) (y)”

“HASH rules!!! :-D”

“Best concerts in my pub… dakujem!”

“Now THAT’s the way I wanna Rock’n’Roll lads!”

HASH is a dirty rock band from Trnava, Slovakia that just celebrated its 10th birthday.

The band was founded by Mário Gajarský, who already has some of his own material, and drummer Jozef Slovák. Mario’s younger brother Denis was invited to play keyboard and sing vocals. With Brano Bosko on bass guitar and vocalist Eva Hipíková they were ready to create, play and record music. With this lineup HASH released three albums (The Songs, 2006, Great Music Day, 2007 and Rock´N´Roll Trip, 2010).

In 2010 Branislav Bosko and Eva Hipiková left the band and a new era just began with Michal Majchrák on the bass and Linda Mankovecká on vocals.

In 2012 HASH released a new album, FIRST AID. They started to play bigger gigs in Slovakia and also came in 3rd place in the Czech and Slovak music competition Radegast Líheň.

Now full of creative power and energy, the band took time to work on new material. In December 2015 HASH released their brand new album 10 g.

The title suggests a number of things… weightlessness, for example, or the 10 year activity of the band, or the 10 songs it contains. A concept album that tells a music story, whose interpretation is intentionally left to the listener.

HASH is now preparing for the promotion of 10 g for spring concerts and summer festivals, working on promo material and a new video clip.


You can see HASH live for their first 2016 gig on January 30 in the ART KLUB in Trnava, Slowakia :-)

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