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#AOTW – High Transition

Artist Of The Week – Monday, December 21, 2015

© by High Transition

Members: Gerfried Stadler (Guitar, Synth, Vocals), Philip Steiner (Guitar, Vocals), David Sighel (Drums)
Genre: Alternative, Funk, Rock
Hometown: Schwarzach im Pongau (Salzburg), Austria.

This week’s Artist of the Week is the Austrian rising star HIGH TRANSITION from Salzburg!

Until a few years ago the musical landscape in Austria was… well… let’s say asleep. Apart from a couple of old big names, the local radios played almost exclusively international music.

The wind is changing, fast and steady. New bands are coming up, venues and festivals are growing, many initiatives are nurturing new talents, new and cool Austrian music is on hot rotation. High Transition is a marvelous example of how effervescent the Austrian music scene is right now.

We love to play live, it sends us into elation – and we are delighted when the audience gets infected by this energy.

Gerfried, Philip and David met in 2013 and started rehearsing in an old abandoned brewery in their native village of Schwarzach in Pongau (Pongau being a region in Salzburg, at the border with Bavaria). The name of the old brewery – Taurngold – helped the three musicians to find a name for the newly founded band. Tauern has nothing to do with electricity but means high passages and passes in the mountains.

“In our music compositions we love to play with rhythm and tempo changes, we love to include many dynamic passages – that’s why we choose the name High Transition”.

In 2015 High Transition played more than 30 gigs all over Austria together with well-known national and international bands like Mother’s Cake, DeWolff and Lausch. For 2016 they set themselves the goal to double this figure. At least double!

Live seems to be the perfect dimension for High Transition:

“We love to play live, it sends us into elation – and we are delighted when the audience gets infected by this energy”.

They came across Global Rockstar by chance and first entered the contest with the only goal of spreading their music internationally. The Austrian Pre-selections of the Global Rockstar yearly contest are always quite hard (Global Rockstar sits in Vienna and the attention here is naturally very high) but High Transition fought well and, after many changes at the top of the charts, they reached first place!

They represented Austria in the Global Finals and landed a fantastic #13 overall.

But most importantly, High Transition is one of the many bands that fully profited from the MEGAVOTES, opening up a revenue channel that was non-existent before. If you are a bit nosy, like me, you can check on their Artist Profile how much they earned during Global Rockstar 2015! 😉

High Transition will spend the beginning of 2016 locked in at the studio, finishing the recordings for their debut EP that will be released in Spring 2016.


PS We strongly suggest you listen to their music right now, when you can still tell your friends “I’ve found an obscure Austrian band you really must listen to!” before they’re all over the place!!

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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