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Artist of the Week – Monday February 8, 2016

© by Sharon Shapira

Band members: Infy Snow
Genre: Alternative, Folk and Blues, Hard Rock, Metal, Rock
Hometown: Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Artist of the Week is INFY from Tel-Aviv, Israel!

„Good luck Infy, you freaking monster of symphonic metal!“

„Amazing voice and an amazing performer!“

„She’s an awesome performer and her first album is a work of art that I’m never sick of listening to.“

„Don’t just leave comments. Come to listen to her music. Will be worth your time!“


„Infy is awesome as hell :-)

While the first album A Mortal’s Tear was a collection of songs written throughout a whole decade (between age 13 and 23) with many different influences and styles, the upcoming album will have a much clearer concept and the genre is going to be something completely new that I could personally not find anywhere else.

Born in Amsterdam on a cold winter day in 1991, Infy moved to Israel with her family at age four and grew up in a kibbutz. From a very early age she developed an immense passion for music.

A shy teenager, Infy began writing and composing her own songs. Her first live performance at age 13 surprised everybody, including herself, and motivated her to take singing lessons and occasionally singing in public. But between various interests, music remained a hobby and her music stayed on paper.

In 2012 old friend and professional composer Omri Lahav brought Infy into a sound studio for the first time. By the end of the year they started working regularly on A Mortal’s Tear, Infy’s first full-length album that was released mid 2015.

Infy is currently working on her second album.

Official Site:

I really hope we get to finish it this year!

Infy Snow also plays in a band called Soul Torture. She sings lead vocals, Michael Yentis is on bass guitar, Maksim Rybakov on the drums and Taras Kosnecow is lead guitar and back vocals.

Soul Torture just released their first single and music video from the upcoming album.

Official Site:

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Written by Monica Mel

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