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#AOTW – John F. Doe

Artist of the Week – Monday March 14, 2016

© by John F Doe

Band members: Marko Zemljič – vocals, Aleš Svetina – lead guitar, backup vocals, Luka Zemljič – keyboards, backup vocals, Bojan Marinko – drums, Tilen Knaflič – bass guitar
Genre: Indie Rock, Rock & Roll
Hometown: Bled, Slovenia.

Artist of the Week is the band JOHN F. DOE from Bled, Slovenia!

“Best band ever!!!”

“Love these guys!”

“No other way! YES 4 sure. Finally smth fresh and likable for our ears 😉 Great music, great band.”

“Top band!”

We would like to thank Global Rockstar for this opportunity, we appreciate every publication we get, so more people can hear our music. Thank you!

The Slovene rock band John F. Doe was founded in 2010 by a group of friends united by the wish to create unique and quality music. A diverse range of concerts followed and their first album JFD was released in 2015. The music is a fusion of Indie Rock and Garage Rock.

In 2016, the band signed a record deal with Nika Records.

What are your goals, what motivates you?

We are motivated by the thing that every musician is motivated by: the music!

We love writing, creating, jamming, performing, interacting with our fans… it’s an incredible tool that connects people like nothing else.

Having people sing out loud words that didn’t exist last month and you wrote with a bunch of close friends is amazing. It’s instant feedback. It’s sincere. If you suck they will let you know, and if you don’t you will know instantly.

Live or studio?

Like most bands, we excel live. Our music is intended to be played live. That’s why it took a bit of time to get our album right. It had to capture that feeling! :-)

What are you working on at the moment?

We are always working on new material, always gigging, and combining the two. We add our new songs to our live set to see how the public will react.

We signed a recording contract with a major Slovenian label, so we are working on new material for an upcoming album.

We are very active online and we offer our first album as a pay as you wish deal, so you can download it for free or pay for it, if you wish! :-)

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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