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#AOTW – Johnmpamei

Artist of the Week – Monday February 15, 2016

© by Johnmpamei

Band members: Frontman John Mpamei – vocals, keyboard and guitar; Geneikam Newmai – lead guitar; Jonah Pamei – lead guitar, back vocals; Rambi Pamei – bass guitar; Lunkugam – drums
Genre: Alternative Rock
Hometown: Manipur, India.

Artist of the Week is JOHNMPAMEI from Manipur, India!

„Man, your music is so cool. I just love it :-)

„I would like to hear your music more, and God bless you in your work. Music is a good massage for people, bring them hope.“

„John Mpamei is a good guy with a big heart!“ 

„Yay… <3“

Johnmpamei & The Band was formed in the early 2013. The band’s music explores a variety of genres such as Classic, Retro Rock, up to Pop.

They are amongst the first rock bands from Manipur, India, to be aired on various music television channels. MTV Indies listed their song Far Away in the top 10 Music Video in April 2015.

Their second song CRY was nominated for the best song and Johnmpamei & The Band were nominated as best band by the Artist Aloud Music Award in 2014.

The band performed in and around the country, including at the Hard Rock Cafe, the Canadian Embassy, the North East Festival (Delhi), Harry’s Bar (Bangalore), Hornbill festival (Nagaland), Orange Festival (Manipur) and many more. The band has opened for famous bands and singers, like YP Penshorn from Australia and Parikrama from India among others.

Johnmpamei & The Band released there debut album Far Away in December 2015.

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