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Artist of the Week – Monday February 1, 2016

© by La Qúbula

Band members: Alejo Macas – Voice and Guitar, Fausto Murillo – Lead Guitar, Dennis Clavijo – Saxophone, Leo Bermudez – Bass Guitar, David Viteri – Drums
Genre: Alternative / Funk / Rock
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador.

Artist of the Week is the band La Qúbula from Quito, Ecuador!

„Excelente banda!“

(Fantastic band!)

„Una excelente banda y con una propuesta en vivo fenomenal!”

(A great band with an extraordinary live performance!)

Los mejores!

(The best!)

“¡EXCELENTE! La Qúbula, de las mejores bandas que he conocido desde mi llegada a Ecuador.”

(Excellent! La Qúbula, one of the best bands I know since I came to Ecuador.)

“Buena banda te gusta apenas la escuchas!”

(Good band, you like them as soon as you hear them!)



La Qúbula is an Ecuadorian rock-pop fusion band from Quito. The band was formed by vocalist and guitarist Alejandro Macas, lead guitarist Fausto Murillo, saxophone player Dennis Clavijo, bass player Leonardo Bermúdez, and drummer David Viteri.

Are you self-taught musicians or do you have professional training?

“All members of La Qúbula have studied music as a profession and they joined to create new music for the audience.”

What are you working on at the moment?

“Currently, the band is working on creating and producing tunes.”

What comes next?

“After that, we plan to record an EP. Also, we are applying to participate in local festivals, so we want to record some videos too.”

What motivates you, musically speaking?

“The band is so motivated to do all these things because fans write us asking for our music and material. In concerts, people like our music and make us feel so good for their positive comments and response when they listen to our music.”

Anything you want to tell your supporters?

“We thank Global Rockstar online Magazine for this nomination…”

No! Thank your fans! 😛 They made you Artist of the Week!

“Hehe, soon we will be sharing our new material for all people and fans!”

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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