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AOTW – M.O.W.A. – 毛襪

Artist of the Week – Monday, December 28, 2015

© by MOWA

Members: Kai (Huang – Kai) lead vocals and lead guitar, Pu (Show – Pu) drums and percussion, Ken (Guan – Tou) rhythm guitar and Graze (Grei – Shi) bass guitar
Genre: Alternative rock
Hometown: Taiwan.

Our songs, mostly in English, are about our inside world – personal thoughts and struggles – and the feelings we ultimately share with other people around the world.

Our Artist of the Week is the band M.O.W.A. – 毛襪 from Taiwan!

The band was formed in 2009 as Men Of Wild Age but the name quickly developed into the acronym M.O.W.A.

In the past few months M.O.W.A. – 毛襪 has been performing at different live houses and campuses in Taiwan.


Pu: “During our show we always like to share our own stories with the fans and the audience usually likes to sing and dance along with our music. Sharing the moment with each other is an important part of our music.

To best describe their music they like to rely on their lyrics:

Drowning is one of the new songs that was released in October 2015 (Note: you can listen to Drowning on M.O.W.A. – 毛襪’s Global Rockstar Artist Profile).

It is a song about how we often drown and get stuck in the path we choose for ourselves. But no matter how many setbacks we’ve been through: there is someone or something waiting for us out there, to give us the strength to move on.

I’m drowning drowning in my way

Drowning drowning in my past

But in your world I’m not afraid.

-Drowning by M.O.W.A.

The song 26 is also a fan’s choice. There are moments when we start to realize something must change in our lives. But how many of us can give up the lives we already have and truly listen to the voice inside ourselves?

I don’t understand why people would say that

You weren’t meant to be a star you can’t be shining at night

Now I understand they’re just too scared to fly

Just like I am all the time.

-26 by M.O.W.A.


M.O.W.A. – 毛襪, just like many independent musicians, struggle with money and would love to have more opportunities to play overseas. Any visibility is welcome as more and more people can connect with their voice and find strength in their songs.

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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