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#AOTW – Mc Brow / Legacy

Artist Of The Week - Sept. 7 2015

© by Mc Brow

This week’s Artist Of The Week is MC BROW – “Rey del dance hall chileno”.

Daniel Alejandro Montero Montecinos was better known by his fans as Mc Browen, Shaman Fire. Clearly born to make music, Daniel joined a music assembly at the tender age of 10 – the folk group Sprouts Cordilleranos – and toured extensively in Chile and abroad.

After his first steps in the music industry Mc Browen joined the Shamans project in 2004, participating in the recording of some songs of the first album Ritual. After recording Manes Del Asis’s first album The Reality, he went back to his old friends Shamans in 2007 and recorded their second album Neighborhood Kids that consolidated the group in the local music scene.

In 2010 Mc Browen started a new production, Redenzion, with WH. At the same time he worked on solo projects with the producers Saok, Charlie Checkz and Frans Efe, and cooperated with various artists like Jimmy Fernandez, Original Motion Black Sambo, WH and Mr. Lating. At this time Mc Browen has already gathered a solid fan base and has played in big and important venues in Chile.

In 2012 Mc Browen launched the first single Baby Omg in preparation of his first solo album. He worked on Shamans new album and the respective big tour. He also participated in Telethon 2012, touring Chile with other big names. In his own words “a memorable experience, very fulfilling for an artist”.

Then fate strikes. Daniel lost his life in a tragic car accident in the early morning of Monday, 11 February 2013. He leaves three children behind, a promising career, the Shamans without a leader and hundreds in awe.

We still have his music. A legacy that is a source of strength and consolation as well as proof that music is a force of life that goes beyond time.

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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