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Artist Of The Week – Monday, Sept. 14, 2015

© by Naima

Instrument: Guitar, vocals, singer-songwriter
Genre: Folk
Hometown: Aachen, Germany

I get very, very cranky when I can’t play for a couple of days.

With a running online contest where the number of comments counts, it’s easy to drown in a sea of emojis, dots and inarticulate sentences. Not with Naima, she has real fans and it shows. Naima rolled over the Artist Of The Week Featured Contest.

“Some serious talent there!” “I like this honest, straight and comfy sound.” “Naima is able to give you the feeling of coming home.” “Epic!” “I still remember the first time I heard Naima playing in Aachen: it was amazing!” “Thank you for bringing the folk music sprit back!” “Ich liebe deine Musik. Beglücke uns doch bitte noch viele Jahre mit deinem einzigartigen Stimmchen. (I love your music. Please, delight us with many more years to come with your unique little voice.)” “Nice darky voice, very good interpreter!” “Toller Mensch, tolle Musik! (Cool person, cool music!)” And, of course, Global Rockstar’s favorite comment: “Well worth a listen.”

Naima grew up torn between her birthplace Aachen, Germany, and her adopted country England. She moved to England at 18, produced her first album Maniac (2014) there, then came back to Aachen for the second album, Oryx Moon, which came out his spring. It already received radio play by a Brighton radio station.

Music seems to work in two ways for Naima. From one side, she wants to share her message, in the hope that her words and her music will find new meanings and importance for those who listen. And secondly, Naima’s music works also on a very personal level: as a source of internal joy. What can we say? Naima, you’re doing it right!


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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts