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#AOTW – NeoBallad

Artist Of The Week – Monday, December 7, 2015

© by NeoBallad

Members: Sachi Wakasa (Vocal), Wataru Kamiryo (Drums, Arrangements, Composer & Producer)
Genre: Electronic, Folk and Blues, Pop
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan.

Global Rockstar is a perfect opportunity to let people all over the world know of NeoBallad, who performs a new style of Japanese traditional music while maintaining the essence of Japanese culture.

This week’s Featured Artist Competition was incredibly hard… in fact we have a record!

The duo NEOBALLAD from Tokyo, Japan, is Artist of the Week with the highest comment count since the launch of Global Rockstar online magazine! 😀

Sachi Wakasa (Vocal) started singing as a child with her grandmother, singing traditional Min-yo songs. While at school she won prizes and fame as a traditional folk singer and as an adult acquired versatility and expression singing Min-yo while exploring new possibilities and styles, both solo and in bigger ensembles.

Sachi is a unique vocalist who goes by the nickname of natural-born vocaloid, as well as dancer. She dances with voluptuous grace, then – suddenly – a funny movement to add humor! Sachi is a diva who infuses new breath into the traditional Min-yo and well represents a new generation of Japanese culture.

Wataru Kamiryo (Drums, Arrangements, Composer & Producer) has a powerful and metronomic drumming style and is great at synchronized drumming with desktop music.

Wataru has played drums for various well-recognized musicians. He also works extensively as an arranger and sound producer for various musicians and for his own solo works. He is a versatile composer who creates music in a wide range of styles, techno, new wave, jazz, ambient music…

In 2012 Sachi and Wataru formed the band NeoBallad, fusing Japanese folk music (Min-yo) and electronic sound in a way that is new, contemporary and avant-gardist at the same time.

After the release of their first album 01 in 2013, NeoBallad made many appearances throughout Japan, including benefit events. This summer they performed at JapanExpo 2015 held in Paris and were highly praised.

NeoBallad recorded their new song Kuroda Bushi especially for the Global Rockstar 2015 contest. They won the Japanese Pre-selections and are currently #37 of the Global Charts.

Are you curious about NeoBallad and their unique combination of Japanese folk songs and modern synth-pop rock? On their Artist Profile you can find more of their characteristics sound to download and to MEGAVOTE! :-)

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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