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Artist of the Week – Monday January 25, 2016

© by Red River Hog

Band members: Ivan Guskov – vocals, Aleksandr Pavlov – guitar, Vadim Ostapenko – bass, Kirill Drokhanov – drums
Genre: Southern Rock
Hometown: Moscow, Russia.

Artist of the Week is the band Red River Hog from Moscow, Russia!

“I like these dirty wizards! :-)

“The best!!!!

“Let’s fun, let’s rock, let’s RRH!”

“Powerful music!!”

“Super mega rock band!!!”

“Awesome band, drummer is a monster! Keep rockin’ \m/”

We are going to iron your mind with our smash hits!

Red River Hog is a Southern Rock band from Moscow, Russia. Rockers are a beautiful breed… I asked them to describe themselves and this is what came back… 😀

“Red River Hog emerged amongst flows of tequila, Tabasco and bourbon on the bank of the Red River. Cleaving through sandstorms, rolling stones and dusty buffalo herds, a hockey-masked rider on an iron horse brought together ex-members of such honored Russian bands as D.O.O.M., Mare Infinitum, Magnetic Tar Trap and St. Oliver.

Taking after southern and stoner rock icons and staying true to the legacy of the old masters, the band adds ingredients of punk-rock energy into the Big City Madness cocktail. This fusion is the essence of Red River Hog.”

No kidding, if you’re into Rock’n’Roll, Red River Hog’s guitars, drums and vocals will surely be in tune with you! We purr like cats.

At the moment, Red River Hog is participating in the elimination rounds for music festivals such Revolution Fest and Emergenza, while composing new material.

Red River Hog is looking for a label to release their debut full-length album.

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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