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Artist Of The Week – Monday, November 23, 2015

© by Riannti

Genre: Singer-songwriter
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia.

Our Artist Of The Week is RIANNTI from Jakarta, Indonesia!

“Wahoo! Pass the mic to Riannti. Best served live :-)”

“Riannti is the best independent Indonesian singer ever and so talented song writer!!!”

“Go Riannti, love your work and what you represent.”

“Riannti rocks! Can’t wait for new music from her.”

“Stunning voice!!!”

And so on and on… Riannti really has some nice fans! 😀

Success does not come by itself but by being resourceful and working hard you can make a name for yourself.

Riannti is a talented singer-songwriter from Indonesia whose initial influence was a blend of country and rock music, with a little bit of Indonesian traditional music stirred in.

She started her career as lead singer and composer of the duo Maru: their first album For The Times and the single Hey Tenang Saja were successfully released in Indonesia in 2008.

In 2011 Riannti decided to pursue a career as solo singer and started working on her debut album. Her lyrics are inspired by real life experiences; her music is a mix of pop, R&B with dance and rock elements.

Riannti reached a unique achievement in order to produce her music: she is the first Indonesian artist to produce an album and a music video thanks to crowdfunding! To put it in her own words: Success does not come by itself but by being resourceful and working hard you can make a name for yourself.

The solo album All Night had a digital worldwide release. After the release of the album a music video was produced to promote the album. Early 2013 she launched her album and video separately at two different venues. Both events were a huge success with an unexpected high attendance.

You are currently #1 in the Global Rockstar 2015 pre-selections of Indonesia, can you tell us how you managed to climb the charts?

Riannti: “It is actually an interesting story. I bumped into the Global Rockstar 2015 contest accidentally. I saw a post on Facebook from my news updates. I immediately checked the website, added my profile and started making plans on how I was going to boost the vote. For unexplainable reasons I kind of lost confidence so I almost withdrew from it. Then about two weeks later, one of my biggest fans from Belgium posted on my timeline asking everybody to start voting for me. Even though I lost a lot of time, I immediately started promoting it. I felt bad really that I had that moment of doubt because I have had so much support! But I am so happy I won the AOTW!”

(NB this story rings a bell… last year another artist also forgot about the contest during the pre-selections and woke up just in time to sprint to the top of the Argentinian charts. His name is Jhanniel and in the end he won Global Rockstar 2014!!)

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts