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Artist Of The Week – Monday, Sept. 21, 2015

© by Brian Sweeny Photography

Members: Ross Hardie, Christian Fitzpatrick, Alastair Tibbs, Christy MacKinnon
Genre: Rock/funk/pop
Hometown: Inverness, Scotland, UK

This week’s winners of the Featured Artist Contest are Ross, Christian, Alastair and Christy, the four young members of the band Sly At Last, from Inverness in Scotland.

The band is young both in terms of its foundation, it was formed end of 2014, and in terms of the four musicians’ age… in fact they are still in school! But don’t be mistaken they have a very clear plan in mind.

As they still have one year of school left and they know they don’t have to make a decision about university or college right now, this year will be crucial. Of course they all hope they can make a living out of music instead of, in their own words, “having a real job”!

In the short time they’ve been a band, Sly At Last has already built up a good following, collected first experiences in studio and experimented with pre-production, but most importantly they have been very present in the local live circuit. Because of their young age, a lot of their friends can’t enter live venues to see them play so this is the main reason they were happy to participate in Hit The Roar, a live music touring project enabling emerging Scottish artists, 14-19 years old, the opportunity to experience a professional tour so that people their age and a little bit younger were able to go and see them.

Keep an eye on Sly At Last, this is the year they will give 100%!

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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