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Artist Of The Week – Monday, November 30, 2015

© by Stories Told

Members: Jian Manjares (guitar), Jedd Manjares (drums, music director), Frankie Torres (lead vocals, lyrics, rhythm guitar), Daniel Buenafe (bass guitar), Aned Samson (rhythm guitar, backing vocals, keyboard), Yogi Coronel (bass guitar/studio)
Genre: Alternative, Pop, Rock
Hometown: Manila, Philippines.

Last week’s Artist Of The Week is the band STORIES TOLD from Manila, Philippines!

“Good job! Keep on making new music! Rock on!!”

“These guys will only get better! Keep it up!”

“A talented and awesome band! Goodluck guys you deserve it! :-)”

“Congrats Stories Told! You all deserve a two thumbs up! :-)”

“Heard them and they’re cool! I want to hear more songs from them! <3 <3 <3”

“Love your Surprise Me song! Can’t wait for more! Rooting for you!”

“I’ve watched Stories Told perform live before. They surely know how to make music and embrace the crowd at the same time. Congratulations Stories Told! Hope you win!”

People wonder why it takes a while for us to release songs, as we tend to write pretty fast. It’s because when we produce songs, we place the demos under very strict scrutiny. We play them on loop all day, all week long to find points for improvement. So when we release a song, it’s guaranteed to be produced in the best possible way. We like making sure that the songs reach their full potential.

Combining elements of the 90s post-grunge with progressive rock, alt-rock, pop, musical theater and old-school rhythm and blues, Stories Told is a rock/fusion outfit that makes a very good use of the word fusion… Jazz-rock guitarist Jian Manjares and do-all drummer Jedd Manjares are joined by grunge bassist Dan Buenafe, with chorale/musical theater-trained FrankieTorres rounding out the band as lead vocals. In 2015, Aned Samson was added as a second guitarist while Yogi Coronel filled in for bass duties while Dan Buenafe was concentrating on his studies. After Dan came back to the bass guitar, Stories Told realized they couldn’t get rid of Yogi, who still collaborates with Dan developing bass lines.

Sensing the resurgence of OPM, veteran band members and longtime musicians Jian and Jedd— who between them have performed with OPM mainstays like Southborder and up and coming bands such as Imelda—toyed with the idea of creating a band whose homegrown sound could reflect the multi-genre listening habits of Millennials while still staying true to the best of rock’s roots. Bassist Dan’s mix of grunge and funk proved a perfect fit to that philosophy, while wildcard Frankie’s Broadway-esque mezzo acted as contrast to the pop-punk soprano of current indie rock. Aned and Yogi’s playful creativity helped bring Stories Told to the next level.

Their first single Surprise Me has been played in both local and international radio stations. StoriesTold has already been growing a substantial international following and this fall Global Rockstar A&R Shari Teschl discovered them online and invited them to participate in the Global Rockstar 2015 contest. Stories Told, actually, had never heard of Global Rockstar before but they took some time to study this strange platform and decided to include Global Rockstar in their promoting activities. Their follow up single Elephant in the Room was almost finished and was supposed to stay in the drawer until their first EP was ready. Instead of waiting Stories Told decided to speed up things and to release Elephant in the Room specifically for the contest – and thank to the 15 days extra time we allowed for entering the contest they were able to make it.

Stories Told is currently in studio for its first full-length album. Due to growing demand, they’re also set to launch their 4-track EP entitled EPonymous on January 30, 2016. Save the date!

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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