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#AOTW – The Band Hennessy

Artist of the Week – Monday February 22, 2016

© by The Band Hennessy

Band members: Ashley Hennessy – Vocals, Heather Miller – Vocals, Christian Weigand – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Chris Piper – Percussion/Vocals, Caleb Lopez – Bass/Sax/Keyboards
Genre: Alternative Rock
Hometown: Houston, TX, USA.

Artist of the Week is THE BAND HENNESSY from Houston, TX, USA!

“Love this band. Love their music. Love their hearts. We are fans for life.”

“I saw them couple of weeks ago for the first time… I had amazing time… you can feel the energy and the heart and soul they put into their music… their loyal fans keep them pump up… they can call me a fan for life… can’t wait to see them again soon… Bravo!”

“These guys are awesome! Amazing voices, amazing music and really cool people. Can’t wait for the next show!!

“Simply amazing!” 

“This band is going places. Just wait and see!”

The Band Hennessy is an Alternative Rock band unlike any other.

Ashley Hennessy joined forces with Christian Weigand and Chris Piper in 2010. They quickly cultivated their own original sound of Alternative Rock music, with a heavy, driving bass line, resonating lead guitar, and intricate drum patterns. In 2014 Heather Miller – recently crowned Bay Area Houston Idol 2015 – joined the band and brought a breath of fresh air with her.

“Once you see your first live show, you will understand why many are captivated by these two powerful front-women. Their chemistry while performing on stage only showcases their distinctive sound further when their harmonies fuse together… showcasing one of the only bands today that feature two leading ladies.”

The Band Hennessy was nominated for Best Rock Band of the Year by the 2015 IMEA’s and for Best New Band of the Year and Best Rock Band of the Year by 94.5’s Texas Buzz Awards.

I had the chance to chat a bit with Ashley Hennessy:

Hello! This is Global Rockstar Online Magazine calling!

Well hey there! We are honored to be a part of Global Rockstar!

This is it! Your fans made you Artist of the Week with an astounding comments-count! 😀

We are absolutely over the moon with the amount of amazing responses from our fans. Reading their comments & testimonies was extremely moving… we were extremely touched reading their heartfelt responses.

How did the band come together in this lineup?

We came together in 2013 as The Band Hennessy after years of singing in the cover music scene. Heather joined us two years ago, after we caught a few of her performances with her previous band.

We just knew that our sound & performances would go to another level with her as a co-lead vocalist.

Hehe, female lead singers are quite underrepresented in the rock scene, not in The Band Hennessy, though…

You don’t see many current bands lead vocally by two females! It sets us apart, makes us different, and really adds an awesome dimension to our music.

Where can we find your music?

We have 3 singles out right now, all of which you can download on iTunes, and we have our own station on iHeart Radio as well.

We have a ton of shows coming up in the near future, so if anyone wants updates on where and when we are playing next, please feel free to check out our schedule here.

What awaits your fans in the next months?

We are really looking forward to completing our full album this year & working with a one-of-a-kind genius producer… we just have a lot of methodic planning on both ends to finish up! :-)

Our goal is to focus on touring once our final product is out there. We want the chance to touch people’s souls with our music…it’s the most honest way to show your true self in my opinion.

The next chance to see you live?

This Sunday (NB Feb. 27, 2016)!! We are opening again for Hunter Valentine’s Farewell Tour at Scout Bar in Houston, Texas!

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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