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Artist Of f The Week – Monday, Sept. 28 2015

© by The Guest

Members: Pedro Rodrigues, Adriano Diouf, Rúben Pires, Hugo Baptista
Genre: Pop, classical, world music
Hometown: Lisbon, Portugal.

The four crossover singers Pedro Rodrigues, Adriano Diouf, Rúben Pires and Hugo Baptista have different backgrounds but under the musical direction of renowned José Castanheira and vocal direction of Dale Lee Chappell they form the band The Guest, our Artist Of The Week.

The Guest is a really interesting project, they not only have different backgrounds but also sing in five different languages, Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and French.

They debuted not long ago, last year at Christmas, with a single to support APLAS (Association Princess Leonor Accept and Smile), an association that helps children with cancer and malignant tumors. After that they performed in two of the biggest venues in Lisbon, at the Lisbon Coliseum in front of 5,000 people and the MEO Arena, in front of 15,000! In their first album they will also duet with international artists, bringing the band’s characteristic melting pot to a new level.

They share a message that really resonates with us at Global Rockstar… The Guest wants to show the world that no matter what language you choose to sing in, music is universal and makes us feel closer to one another. Music can join people together for something special.

We couldn’t agree more.

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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