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#AOTW – Tice

Artist of the Week – Monday April 4, 2016

© by Tice

Genre: Rap, Hip Hop and Good Music!
Hometown: Düsseldorf, Germany.

Artist of the Week is Tice, rapper from Düsseldorf, Germany!


“Tice… real rap from Düsseldorf J

“Tice is one of the best female voices of German Hip Hop!”

“TICE!!! Finest Hip Hop!”

“Good Rap. Good Flow. Good Look. Good Girl. Definitely dope, she should win!”

“She represents rap like it should be.”

“She has power and soul and a great personality!”

“This is how a poet looks like. More Tice – More poetry. We need it!”

How long have you been making music?

Rap music has been in my life for fifteen years. Tupac inspired me and I started writing lyrics and rhyming when I was fifteen years old. For the last two years I made it my only purpose in life.

I played wonderful and inspiring live gigs and recorded two EPs so far, Each One Tice One and Trümmerfrau which you can already download for free on my website.

What are you working on, currently?

This year seems to be the right time to complete my first album release. I’ll give everything I have, put all my energy into it and take my time to make my listeners and myself happy.

What motivates you and your music?

My motivation has always been the impact that my music has on myself and on other people. For me it creates a world of its own, where I can bury myself in and escape the real world. At the same time it reflects myself on a different level – it makes me feel free. Also it creates acceptance and gives me positive feedback from fans and friends – which makes me see my music and myself more sophisticatedly!

Some of the topics I deal with may be unusual for the commercial rap scene, but still I’m surprised and I feel blessed that people seem to find themselves in my music.

I’m thankful for all the positivity I get back! The love I get back keeps me going and motivates to give something back to my listeners. <3

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Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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