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#AOTY – A message from an AOTM

We love you back, Naima!

© by Naima

I remember the first time I contacted Naima. The Global Rockstar Online Magazine just went online and she was the first artist to win AOTW with the most comments on the Magazine and not on our Facebook profile. Everything was very new to me too.

“Liebe Naima, meine Name ist Monica und ich bin Editor für das Global Rockstar Magazine…”

We’ve been somehow in contact ever since.

Last week I wrote her again, asking for her impressions regarding the Artist of the Year 2015 contest, where she held #3 for a long time and, ultimately, lost it to UniversoBare after a fierce battle. Instead of a few lines she wrote me back with the following message. My heart wouldn’t let me cut and edit it.

Naima, we love you back! <3

Iremember how excited I was when I was first selected Artist of the Day. I was on cloud nine for the next few days. Little did I know half a year later I would be in the Top 5 artists of 2015!

Before my Global Rockstar experience, I was never a big fan of music contests. The concept just never made sense to me, because I think art is something that is very subjective and emotional, and therefore difficult to compare. But Global Rockstar is about much more than competition! They have created a community of people from all sorts of places & different backgrounds who play all kinds of different instruments and genres but who share one passion. And I am very happy that I could be part of it!

I have come across so many inspiring artists in the last few months:

There is Mc Brow – who lost his life in a car accident three years ago – but his music is kept alive by his fans, his friends and his family! I wish them all the best!

There was Xamaria – who probably has the most eager fans I’ve ever come across! With people like these supporting her, I’m sure I will hear of her again!

I was up against Dandora Music who are using their project to enable kids from Nairobi to have an education, which is just amazing. Since they became Artists of the Month they’ve become a definite part of my playlist routine!

Naima-UniversobareHowever the feeling of connection found its highest point a couple of weeks ago when I had a spontaneous chat with Bare (NB UniversoBare). We had been fighting for #3 all night and admittedly I started to feel a little competitive. It was a really close nerve wracking run and at some point I decided to just drop him a message and say hi. We proceeded to chat the rest of the evening and, again, I realized that instead of just being competitors we were all on the same page.

The last 6 months – ever since I was selected AOTD – have been incredible. Global Rockstar has introduced me to so many new artists to follow and support in the future.

Apart from that I have to say, it is indescribable how it feels to be supported by so many people. Especially when I was voted Artist of the Week, the comments just kept coming and the words that I read did make me feel slightly dizzy from happiness.

I’m also glad I sold a few songs and albums in the last part of the contest, which brought me further up in the charts but also supports my work, which is great because I have some nice projects planned for 2016!

Thank you Global Rockstar for making this happen! I cannot wait to share the results of the equipment I’ve won.

And it’ll always remind me of these amazing 6 months.


Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts