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#Artist of the Year – Congrats, Shane Board!

Global Rockstar Artist of the Year 2015

At the beginning of 2015 we introduced our Featured Artist Contest: every day Monday to Friday we chose one artist from Global Rockstar and featured him/her on the Global Rockstar Online Magazine. Fans comment and by the following Monday the artist with the most comments wins Artist of the Week and a prize. Once we have AOTW for every week, the Global Rockstar jury picks his favorite and declares him/her Artist of the Month and again, they win a cool prize.

In January we brought this to the next level and decided to let all 12 of the Artist of the Month from last year compete against each other to declare an Artist of the Year 2015. This is the official chart at the end of the contest:

#1 GB – Shane Board

Congrats, Shane!

I was very excited to be #1 in the charts, now I can proudly say I am Global Rockstar Artist of the Year 2015!!

Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity and its perfect timing!

What do you mean timing, what’s going on?

At last I have found where I want to be in music, and it’s definitely Country for me. I have enjoyed recording pop but my dream has always been to have my own Country track, and now I have one. (To listen to California click here)

Lots of things are happening at the moment…

I have a promotional campaign running in Australia, my single is being released there on February 22nd. I will immediately forward the information about AOTY, as they want me to send anything I can, so on release day they can do a big promo on some of the radio stations… a great chance to talk about you guys too! :-)

Also, I have a Skype meeting with a very influential music manager in Nashville in the next week or two, he wants to discuss working with him, so we can use all this in the promotion too. I’m hoping that this will go well, and who knows from there?!

Oh wow! Break a leg! 😀

You participated in Global Rockstar 2014 and 2015, both times with fantastic results but, sadly, never on the podium. For us, it felt somehow right that you’re Artist of the Year…

I have enjoyed taking part in the Global Rockstar online music contest for two years and am going for it again this year! Hoping third time lucky for me…

I so want to win the $25,000 to donate to fund diabetes research – that money is a lot of hours of work to bring us closer to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes.

What will you do with the Soundcraft Ui12 Digital Mixer that you won?

I won’t sell it on eBay, that’s for sure! My brother has just moved out so now I have his bedroom to use as I please. I am setting up a music room there, all of my music equipment is in there. I will be keeping the Ui12 digital mixer to use at home and at events, where we raise money for my charity Pop 4 Diabetes.

We also congratulate Shane and his work on his charity. I myself was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple of years ago, and lost two members of my family to the disease.
– Terry, vocals and guitar of Steamvalve Nation

US#2 – Steamvalve Nation

Are you happy with the second place? (hmm… well, compared to third, I guess!)

We are honored to have been part of Global Rockstar, and view the experience as a continuing opportunity to share our music with the world.

This has been a particularly challenging month, as Steamvalve Nation is working on several new projects.

Unfortunately, there is no prize for #2, but I’ve noticed that Steamvalve Nation is the contestant that earned the most with Megavotes!

As far as the money is concerned, of course it goes right into recording and production. We have so much more to share with the world!

Once again we thank you Global Rockstar!

If you believe in music, please enter Global Rockstar! Buena onda!!
-Hernán (Bare)

AR#3 – UniversoBare

Are you happy with your participation? I know there is no prize for #3 :-( still, the exposure was there…

For me, as a freelance musician, I was honored by the fact that I was one of 12 participants, representing Latin America and Argentina in the first competition for the 2015 annual artist.

It is a prize to be involved from Argentina via Austria, where the headquarters of Global Rockstar are, because you give us musicians the opportunity to expand our songs around the globe, regardless of the musical culture of each country.

I’ve seen that you and Naima, from Germany, had a chat with each other… I must confess this sent shivers down our spine, as Global Rockstar, to see that artists (and good artists, if I may) meet over our platform!! Can you tell me more about this?

Naima contacted me with very good vibes from Germany one afternoon. In a very entertaining talk by chat, it occurred to us that this is the spirit of this competition, to support each other! For example, I asked my fans to support her and vice versa… it was creative play between two (music) players :-)

DE#4 – Naima

AL#5 – Ardit Cuni

KE#6 – Dandora Music

PT#7 – Cinemuerte

LK#8 – Surenie de Mel

GB#9 – Gold Wolf

PH#10 – Stories Told

AU#11 – Gareth Wheeler

CD#12 – Tonton Lusambo

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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