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A click to change the music industry

© by Global Rockstar

Phew! It took a while but a few hours ago we finally deployed an absolute novelty in the history of all music contests, on-and-offline… the Global Rockstar MEGAVOTE! We’re so proud!

Now it’s up to you: support your favorite artists, discover new independent music and immediately download it, fall in love, cheer, buy exclusive products and celebrate! The MEGAVOTE is all this and much, much more.

Just a reminder, during the Global Rockstar 2015 pre-selections you can either vote (x1 count) via a social media share for free or you can MEGAVOTE (x10 count) and get an exclusive goodie in exchange. Prices start at 1 credit (1 credit = 1 EUR) for singles.

Why should I MEGAVOTE for an artist and spend money instead of simply voting for free by sharing on social media?

The MEGAVOTE is what, in the business world, is called a win-win situation. There are millions of shades in between, of course, but to simplify we can assume that at the opposite ends of a fan/artist relationship you are either a fanatic fan or a newcomer who just discovered the artist.

What does the MEGAVOTE do for you in both cases?

If you just discovered an artists and you like his/her music the MEGAVOTE is the easiest way to get the artist’s music. Just click, pay 1 credit (1 credit = 1 EUR), download the song and the artist gets 10 votes. Can’t get any easier.

The price is absolutely ok, the artist gets more than his/her fair share (compared to classic distribution platforms), the fan builds up his/her music library with the music they like. Win-win.

If you think you will do this a lot, we strongly recommend that you register on Global Rockstar as a fan and save your favorite payment solution (credit card or PayPal). You can also MEGAVOTE without registering of course, but each time you will have to fill the form and manage the transaction. If you are a registered fan the process will speed up a lot. This mainly means that you won’t have to interrupt your music listening session to download a song and fill forms here and there with the same information over and over again.

If you are a hardcore fan of an artist you probably already own all the singles, EPs, albums and collections he/she has released. What the heck, you’ve probably seen them a couple of times live and your screensaver is a pic of yourself with the band on stage in the background! What can you – their #1 fan – find on the artist’s market place to possibly interest you?

By MEGAVOTING for your favorite artist you gain access to a number of goodies that are difficult, if not impossible, to find anywhere else: From band t-shirts, signed cards, posters and other merchandise, up to the chance to hold handwritten lyrics in your hands, to chat over Skype, or learn how to play guitar from them! Or even the chance to meet your darling in person, you could be invited to their next after show party, have them play a private concert at your party or wedding, up to a lifetime membership in the band’s guest list!

All this on a safe, approved and certified website that won’t meddle with your payment information.

Win-win!! 😛

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts