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Global Rockstar 2015 – And the winner is…

Sneaking around the Global Rockstar 2015 charts one last time

Global Rockstar 2015, the largest online music contest in the world, just ended and we proudly present the top three artists:

A trash-metal band from Bergamo, Italy, they fought like real warriors in the hardest Pre-selections we ever held on Global Rockstar and then glided over the Global Finals!
A special mention to Fléxy and Antoine Michel who, together with Methedras, made the Italian Pre-selections feel a bit like the finals :-)

A metal rock singer who made a final rush in the National Pre-selection and overtook Mo Bic in the last few days of the German Pre-selections.

With her sweet ballade Miss You she made a final rush in the Global Finals and reached the podium in the last few minutes overtaking Steamvalve Nation from the USA! What a nice surprise from Indonesia <3

Methedras is the Global Rockstar 2015 and wins 25,000 USD in cash plus music equipment from AKG, ADAM, Paiste and Soundcraft worth 7,220 USD. Ani Lozanova and Riannti also win music equipment from AKG worth 2,740 USD and 930 USD respectively.

Note: the Global Rockstar 2015 final charts are online and will stay there forever and ever! If you are looking for your favorite artist and you feel you can’t find him/her in the charts, go straight to his/her Artist Profile. There you can check the final position in the National Preliminaries and in the Global Finals.

It’s been a long journey, this Global Rockstar 2015! We started in mid-October with the National Pre-selections, held in 132 countries. We had 2,200 artists participating and a jury of 165,000 fans from all over the word. They first voted with social media sharing and/or MEGAVOTES to decide who should represent their country in the Global Finals.

The Pre-selections lasted six weeks and ended on December 1st. The same day the Global Finals between the 132 National Winners started and lasted another two weeks.

During these two months a number of fantastic things happened.

First of all, an amazing 262,985 of social media votes were cast! This means that the Global Rockstar 2015 participants were everywhere to be seen on social media platforms! Artist profiles were visited, fans discovered new music and artists won many new fans. Also many artists made friends with each other, influences were shared from around the world and – who knows? – maybe some international cooperation will result.

Most importantly, there was an astonishing number of MEGAVOTES – the ones where fans buy music, merchandise and music related products and the artists got 10x more votes (and the money). In total our fans cast 64,516 MEGAVOTES for a total amount of 63,708 credits earned (1 credit = 1 EUR).

An incredible amount of singles were download, digital EPs and albums, physical albums, fan merchandise and many different ways of meeting your favorites (concerts, meet and greets).

We will follow up with stories, interviews and news, but for now let us say that we are super proud of Global Rockstar 2015! Bottom of the line, we demonstrated that music sales are not dead and that fans are willing to pay money for music and goodies if they know that their money goes to the artist.

Thus artists can continue produce music for us to enjoy! <3

PS We noticed that the Global Finals were not as enthralling as the National Pre-selections… this happened because we relented to the many artists’ requests in this sense and the finalists took their votes with them into the Global Finals. This was very fair but somehow, towards the end, took wind out of the competition. For next year we already have an idea how to combine the two things: taking into account that in some countries the vote count is much higher than in others AND making the Global Final also exciting to follow… we can’t wait for Global Rockstar 2016!! 😀

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts