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Global Rockstar 2015 – Dreaming of exotic islands!

Sneaking around the Global Rockstar 2015 charts

The true spirit of Global Rockstar is to discover music that you would otherwise have never heard of. The fun way to do this is to choose a theme and pursue it in a session of what I call Global Rockstar Hopping!

So follow me… today we proudly present music from places you have probably only dreamed of: Global Rockstar 2015 participants from the seven seas!

CaribicLet’s start with the quintessential exotic dream… the Caribbean Sea:

BBAYANA JOHN WI.P. from Bridgetown, with ON! tURN iT uP!, for Barbados!

“Known for her slew of hit songs and unique vocal style supported by a wide 4-octave range, Ayana has 10 years of recording experience under her belt alongside a long-spanning performance history that ranges her whole life.”

VCMELISSA, from Kingstown, St. Vincent, with The Girl In The Woods, for Saint Vincent and The Grenadines!

Already Artist Of The Day in September, Melissa is a pop, R&B and soul artist who also likes to sneak into other genres as long as it falls under her motto “Music is Life!”

AGRESPECT from Antiqua, with Kings And Queens, for Antigua and Barbuda!

“Kings And Queens” is the first single (…) that seems to be played in constant rotation at reggae radio stations all over the world, and is already being played at other radio outlets …” – PRLog

DOALEX BERNE from Santo Domingo, with Ya Llego El Día, leads the pre-selections charts of the Dominican Republic!

“Born in the Dominican Republic, Alex started playing the guitar at 15. He first began writing and composing music in NYC with his brother. Alex is now pursuing a solo career with his new band as Alex Berne. He is currently in the studio, working on a full-length album.”

HTMIU HAITI, from Port-au-Prince, with They Say, for Haiti!

“A versatile artist, she composes and sings in four languages (Creole, French, Spanish and English), mixing popular styles (hip-hop, reggae, soul, R&B, pop, etc.) depending on collaborations and inspiration.”

JMBRYAN ART from Kingston, with Knowledge Is The Power, for Jamaica!

“The name Bryan Art describes a witty songwriter, meticulous producer, renowned guitarist and multifaceted artist specializing in music with a positive message.“

CUD’CORAZON from La Haban, with Tiene Que Estar Al Llegar, for Cuba!

A band drawing inspiration from alternative, classical and Latin music. Get ready to shake!!

PacificLet’s now move on eastwards and continue our island-hopping into the Pacific Ocean:

FJELENA BARAVILALA from Suva, with Viti, for Fiji!

Elena truly represents her mother country with an R&B/soul song that is also a love declaration for Fiji Islands, paradise on earth.

TWSABINA LARK (雀小娜) from Taipei, with Dear Nobody, leads the pre-selections charts of Taiwan!

“I come from Taiwan – a very tiny country in Asia! I have strong passion for writing songs and singing (…). I’m really happy to share my music with people all over the world, and I wish I can bring the world some love through my music.“

IndianOn and on we sail further into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean:

LKVY (pronounced “we”) from Colombo, with CPR, leads the pre-selections charts of Sri Lanka!

An independent singer-songwriter and producer from Sri Lanka: “I am truly honored to be a part of the Global Rockstar competition. It’s initiatives like this that keep original music alive. And bring the world of musicians together”.

MUMILLENNIUM from Rose Hill, with Never Look Back, leads the pre-selections charts of beautiful Mauritius!

A metal hard rock band fighting to stand out of the shadows!

MGDJ GOUTY from Antananarivo, with Afro Antshahadinta, for Madagascar!

DJ Gouty knows how to make people shake!

AtlanticTo finish our travel around the world of independent music (and also to prove, sadly, that not all islands have tropical weather) let’s dive into the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean:

ISSOCKFACE from Akureyi, with Polyurethane People, for Iceland!

„Sockface is a one girl band from Akureyri, Iceland. She mixes different influences such as alternative and classical music, folk and blues, hard rock and metal. She played every instrument on her first album Rat Manicure and wrote every song. Because that’s what one person bands tend to do“.

That’s all for now but stay tuned, Global Rockstar Hopping has just started… 😀

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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