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Global Rockstar 2015 – How are the former #AOTW and #AOTM doing?

Sneaking around the Global Rockstar 2015 charts

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Global Rockstar Magazine went online in early September and since then we moved the Feature Artist Contest from our Facebook page to the magazine. Basically it works like this: every day we choose an Artist Of The Day, the artist with the most comments from fans by the end of the week becomes Artist Of The Week and wins an AKG D5 microphone. Once we have four or five AOTW we ask fans for their feedback, then the Global Rockstar jury (basically everybody at the office) decides accordingly who will become Artist Of The Month and win an AKG WMS420 wireless microphone.

Today, I want to check if we at Global Rockstar really have a lucky hand when we pick the AOTD. But also if you – fans on Global Rockstar – are good at choosing AOTW and influencing AOTM!

Let’s start…

In the United Kingdom charts (quite long charts, BTW) we find two Global Rockstar Featured artists.

The band Sly at Last from Inverness, Scotland, who was Artist Of The Week in September, is a very young band. Sly at Last are currently in talks concerning a debut album, so we keep our fingers crossed for them. They are currently #4 in the UK pre-selections charts and you can MEGAVOTE for them in exchange for their single Edge.

The band Gold Wolf from London, UK, was our Artist Of The Month for July 2015. They have recently been cited in the national press as a successful unsigned band and the feeling is that it is just the start of things to come. Indeed, they are currently #8 in the UK charts.

Unfortunately they don’t offer any goodie on their Market Place so the MEGAVOTE button is disabled… Gold Wolf! Is there any particular reason why you guys don’t offer at least one tiny single download?! 😛

(Just kidding, the Megavote is a chance for artists to earn money with their music! Of course one can compete in Global Rockstar with an all-social-media attitude!)

Dandora Music from Dandora, a slum of Nairobi, Kenya, was our Artist Of The Month in August. Dandora Music is a group of adults and children who use music to fight the extreme poverty they were all born and raised in. The money they make with their shows goes toward school tuition to encourage children to not leave school early. They are currently #4 in the Kenyan charts and could really use a couple of MEGAVOTES – so if you like their song On And On maybe you could consider megavoting for them in exchange for a nice t-shirt.

Mc Brow (in legacy), from Santiago, Chile, is boss of the Chilean pre-selections charts with Empieza a mover tu cuerpo and scoring an amazing #5 in the overall charts. It is moving to realize that the work of an artist who sadly passed away can transcend his death and even gain a fan base inland and across borders. The Market Place of Mc Brow is very well filled, from digital downloads to private concerts of Mc Brow (orphaned) band. Well done.

Lucy was Artist Of The Week in October and I remember very well how much we discussed about who should become AOTM… Lucy had strong support from her fans and from Global Rockstar jury members too! Her powerful ballad Turn Around currently leads the pre-selections charts in Armenia by far and it looks like she could fight well in the Global Finals. She recently extended the choice of goodies she offers and it looks like her fans are appreciating it.

LA Thompson was Artist Of The Week in October and her Time On My Hands is currently #3 in the pre-selection charts of New Zealand and already collected some paid votes. Did you know that you can chat with LA and sing one of her songs with her via Skype in exchange for MEGAVOTES? Isn’t this a brilliant idea?

Fun-fact: Top of the New Zealand charts is Phil Doublet, Artist Of The Day in October, who’s making very good use of the MEGAVOTE. I remember it was a close decision that week and Phil lost the AOTW title to the band Sunrise16 from Austria who eventually got more comments. Sunrise 16 is currently #8 of the pre-selections in the Austrian charts – and being that Global Rockstar, the company, is based in Austria I can assure you that our national charts are extremely tough!

Our incumbent Artist Of The Week, the band Alessiee from Moscow, Russia, leads the charts in Russia with their song Time Is Over. They offer somehow a little but adequate choice of goodies for the MEGAVOTE — a single download, a physical album and a more personal handwritten lyrics option. Very nice!

Our incumbent Artist Of The Month, Gareth Wheeler from Australia is currently #3 in the pre-selections charts and it looks like he didn’t really start to inform his fans about the competition yet… we forgive him because we know he had to do with the Featured Artist Contest, but now that you won that, Gareth, climb higher in the charts and make us proud! (No pressure at all!!)

What do you think? Are we at Global Rockstar good at this game? ‘Cos you fans definitely are! 😛

That’s all for today, but stay tuned… there are a couple of countries’ charts that definitely deserve a closer look!

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts