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Global Rockstar 2015 – Italy, you’re doing it right!

Sneaking around the Global Rockstar 2015 charts

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Last year around this time the national pre-selections of Global Rockstar 2014 were already over and one artist per country was competing in the Global Finals. We are not that far, this year’s pre-selections end on December 1st at exactly 10am CET… that’s this coming Tuesday!

(Note: clicca qui per leggere questo post in italiano)

Many artists are fighting bravely to reach the top of their own country’s charts but we at Global Rockstar watch one specific country in awe. You know which one we mean, right? ITALY!

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Currently #1 is the heavy metal band METHEDRAS from Bergamo, a city in Northern Italy close to Milan. Their song Deathocracy received more than 110,000 votes (as I write), an amazing count. Amazing. Imagine that this is ten times more than last year’s top of the charts at the end of the national pre-selections!

Methedras, best served live, is a band of proven experience and down-to-earth attitude that tours extensively both in Italy and in Europe. Recently I’ve noticed they have also reduced, by half the price, the Get Drunk With Us! goodie in their Marketplace… hmm… maybe I should check in the backend how many of those they’re selling?! 😉

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#2 of the Italian charts is FLÉXY, singer, rapper and songwriter from Nigeria currently living in Milan. His track Pretty Gal already collected over 80,000 votes and counting.

Sing with me! Vote my soul… Yesss!!!
–Antoine Michel

ANTOINE MICHEL is #3 on the Italian charts and his hymn to multiculturalism Sharabià is coming closer and closer to 50,000 votes. Antoine Michel is based in Lampedusa, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and his charming music reflects influences from the whole region.

The top 3 artists in Italy are also top 3 globally with such a powerful commitment that at the moment the most visits on Global Rockstar come from Italy! And it’s not as if the one in first place rolled over all the others and is sitting there since the beginning waiting for the whole thing to come to an end! No! The first three artists were first, second and third in turns, they actually changed position so many times in the last two weeks that we checked every couple of hours! It is a friendly battle between music genres that couldn’t be more different, and, it is important to remember, the traffic is high and stays high… this means people who are really interested in music and maybe want to buy it are exactly at the right spot!

For the ones that don’t want to buy anything and share via social media, first thank you, the spreading of the message is also an essential part of the game. Second, we have auto-play so you must listen to a little bit of music anyhow!! 😛

We don’t know what the secret of Methedras, Fléxy and Antoine Michel’s success is. They come from very different backgrounds and make different use of social media. The only thing we see they have in common is a well-filled Marketplace on their Global Rockstar Artist Profile. They all offer more than one single for 1 credit, with further goodies of increasing prices but all very personal, signed, handwritten, meet-and-greet… and very interesting products in the high price segment. (Maybe, if you’re competing in Global Rockstar 2015 too, it’s worth a look.)

Last year during the Global Rockstar 2014 contest we ran a little beta phase of our paid votes, it was only possible to vote for 1 EUR and it was available only in a few countries. After the end of the contest we proved that it works and decided to develop it to the full scale MEGAVOTES that we have now. The artists who receive the most votes receive such amounts of money that they probably went out with the clique and announced drinks are on me tonight!

This year the music is different (pun intended). This year top of the charts can buy themselves a band-van with their earnings on Global Rockstar! And the pre-selections are not even over!

Not only have the top three of the Italian charts made solid money so far… a lot of artists from around the world show earnings that are definitely not in the category of pizza and beer with friends, no no! Think more of rent! :-)

So, Global Rockstar has a claim, a mission: we offer local heroes a global stage, we offer new ways for artists to earn money.

Well, regarding the global stage, did I mention that the votes are ten times higher this year? From 133 countries? It sounds pretty global to me…

Regarding the new ways to earn money with your music… all I will tell you is we are smiling from ear to ear! <3

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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