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Global Rockstar 2015 – KEEP AN EYE ON GLOBAL ROCKSTAR!

Global Rockstar 2014 winner Jhanniel: A Cautionary Tale

© by Jhanniel

Did you know that Global Rockstar 2014 winner Jhanniel almost missed his chance to win the contest?
He was slightly embarrassed when he told me the story…

Jhanniel entered the contest during the Summer of 2014 and totally forgot about it! He went on vacation and had a blast.

In the meantime, without his knowledge, Perfecto climbed the Argentinian charts into the Top Ten.

Global Rockstar was in the middle of producing the next Webisode and our scouts were looking at the top charts from around the world. The theme of the Webisode was Rock and Jhanniel’s Perfecto seemed, well… just perfect. The track was chosen and included in Webisode #7.

When he got back at the end of September, Jhanniel checked his email and found a message from Global Rockstar informing him about the Webisode. He checked the Argentinian charts and Perfecto, left to its own devices, was slowly falling from the Top Ten.

“Hey! I can still win this thing!” he thought. So he jumped into action and started spreading the word about Global Rockstar 2014 among his fans and contacts. The rest is history…

Stay engaged!

These days it’s so easy to lose track of all our online activities. We subscribe to random newsletters and then get annoying emails from them. But Global Rockstar is different! We built this stage for artists to present their music and to earn money from it, not the other way around!

Keep an eye on Global Rockstar, so you don’t miss out on your chance! :-)

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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