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Be part oft he world’s largest online music contest

Tomorrow is the big day! Global Rockstar 2015, the world’s largest online music contest, starts on October 15 with the national Pre-Selections in each country.

Starting tomorrow and until December 1 fans can vote on their favorites and help them advance to the Global Finals.

Between December 1 and December 15 all national winners – one for each country – compete against each other. The artist on top of the global charts on December 15 is the Global Rockstar for 2015 and wins $25,000 USD! First, second and third place in the Global Charts also split $20,000 USD worth of professional music equipment from AKG by HARMAN, Soundcraft, Paise and Adem.

Who can participate?
Artists older than 16 can participate with their original songs (NB: 16-18 years old need a representative of legal age to be eligible to participate).

The only thing is, you must be the owner of all content (song, video and all parts of the content).

This means you can be a beginner, an amateur or a professional musician. You can upload a perfectly produced music video, but a simple live recording will also do. You can participate in Global Rockstar 2015 even with an audio file!

Click here for the hardcore Rules of Participations and read them! Sorry, you really must do it!

How can I participate?
If you don’t have an Artist Profile on Global Rockstar, register now and nominate your song for the contest! If you’re already on Global Rockstar, nominate a song and get your Artist Profile ready for the contest.

Click here to see how to enter the contest and what you need to prepare before starting (not much, don’t worry!)

Why should I participate?
Besides the $25,000 USD prize and professional equipment what else could you win? Well, Global Rockstar is a global stage to present your music beyond your country borders into the wide world. Some of last year’s participant discovered that their music is more appreciated in some other country’s than their own!

But most importantly: you can earn money from your music while participating in the contest!

How can I earn money from participating in Global Rockstar 2015?
Fans can vote via social media or via MEGAVOTE, a mix of voting and buying goodies directly from the artists. These can be digital (downloads of singles, EP and albums) but also physical products (from t-shirts with the band logo up to private concerts). The prices vary from a minimum of 1 credit (1 credit = 1 EUR) for a single download up to whatever you define for your most splendid goodie. Global Rockstar only cuts a little share of the generated revenues – this means if you don’t earn anything, we don’t get anything either!

Do I have to upload goodies in order to participate?
Well, strictly speaking you don’t! But why should you do that? What’s the downside?

MEGAVOTES count 10x more than social media clicks. If a fan MEGAVOTES for you for 1 credit because she/he likes your music and wants a single from you, this will get you 10 votes for the charts! If she/he buys a t-shirt for 15 credits you get 150 votes!

Now, musicians make music, so we believe that each Global Rockstar Artist has a nice collection of singles, EPs and albums produced over time. We also firmly believe that musicians want to sell their music!
Perfect! Make at least all your music available on your Artist Profile market place. Music is the first thing that fans will look for!

If you also have other products, upload them in your market place! Write a nice description and define a fair price.

You know your fans better than we do, this is the reason why we allow you to define up to 20 different products to be offered. Think of what your fans could want from you… fan merchandise? Meet and greet? A lifetime membership on the band guest list? A private guitar lesson over Skype?

Click here for tips and tricks regarding your Artist Profile.

Help! I’m not ready for tomorrow! I need a few more days/weeks to finalize my production!
No panic, you still have a whole month – until November 15 – to enter Global Rockstar 2015. And if you are worried that the others will have more time to gather votes, we think it won’t be a problem.

The new MEGAVOTE allows climbing of the charts at a pretty fast pace. Assuming that your song is a hit and that your market place is filled with attractive goodies, the MEGAVOTE will boost your chart position quite fast. Remember that super-boost from old video games? Where everybody – assuming they weren’t constantly falling off the cliff – could fairly reach the front of the race? The MEGAVOTES works something like that too.

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts