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The key to a successful contest

Voting for Global Rockstar 2015 starts on Oct. 15 and the main novelty is the MEGAVOTE. It is maybe useful to explain again how it works.

During the national pre-selections there are two ways for fans to vote for their favorite artist:

  • Social media (Facebook and Twitter)
    A share on social media counts as one vote. If a fan doesn’t want to register to Global Rockstar she/he can still cast one free vote in total per artist. If the fan registers on Global Rockstar she/he can cast two free social media votes daily.
    Registered and unregistered fans can cast as many MEGAVOTES as they want throughout the contest.

What is a MEGAVOTE? Basically it is a mix of voting and purchasing products directly from the artist. Depending on the fans interest and commitment, willingness to spend and – above all – the attractiveness of the artist’s goodies, fans can buy digital and physical products from the artist and at the same time generate ten times more votes than by plain social media click.

The smallest product you can offer is the digital download of a song. This costs one credit (1 credit = 1 EUR) and generates 10 votes for the artist. Further on each artist can offer up to 20 different products on her/his Artist Profile.

It is easy to understand that MEGAVOTES can boost your chart position quite fast. And not only that! The idea behind the MEGAVOTE is that fans get a goodie – a real and interesting reward – while the artist makes money from it. (Remember that Global Rockstar only cuts a little share of the revenues generated).

We are monitoring the upload-phase from the backend and are amazed at how many artists are already up-and-running for the contest! Almost everybody has at least one digital download on offer and many really filled up their marketplace with interesting goodies in a wide price-range.

Take a look at Ardit Kuni from Albania, for example. In the lower price segment he offers music and fan merchandise, in the higher segment you can find special rewards (private concerts, signed music instruments, songs especially written for you, etc.) that are very attractive for hard-core fans. A unique opportunity to get closer to your darling that is impossible to find anywhere else!Ardit Kuni Goodies

You don’t have the possibility to offer this kind of involvement to your fans? Don’t worry! We know that there are a number of good reasons why. Then have a look at the elegant Artist Profile of Lucy from Armenia! She offers a digital download for 1 credit, cute t-shirts and baseball caps at reasonable prices and a beautiful jacket in the high-range segment. Enough to reward new fans as well as hard-core ones! Very nice.Lucy Goodies

You don’t have fan merchandise to offer? No problem! Look at the Artist Profile of Elembeta Music from Italy! The artist offers only music, both as download and physical, singles and albums, with or without lyrics. You can also notice a very smart move by Elembeta Music: not only one but two singles for 1 credit were uploaded. This means that once a fan MEGAVOTES for Elembeta Music, she/he can come back and vote again for the minimal price of 1 credit and get a different song. This could easily double the votes the artist gets!Elembeta Music Goodies

Two simple recommendations from our side that will take you a few minutes to accomplish and will definitely pimp up your Artist Profile:

  • Offer all digital music you have! Real fans won’t be satisfied with just one single and will come back to your profile again and again if they can build up their music library while supporting you.
  • Describe your products as detailed as you can. Album info, size, color, material, features, details… this is especially important for products in a high price-range. Don’t think only of your hard-core fans, which probably already know you, think also of the fans that will discover you during Global Rockstar 2015!

And always remember, Global Rockstar is a platform for music lovers that want to discover new, cool and independent music. There are 14,000 artists from 167 countries already participating in Global Rockstar 2015, each of them with a huge fan-base of music lovers who will follow the contest and check the contestants out… believe us, it works! :-)

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts