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Global Rockstar 2015 – Put up a good fight!

Sneaking around the Global Rockstar 2015 charts

The deadline to join Global Rockstar 2015, the world’s largest online music contest, expired a few days ago, on Nov. 15. Now we can finally say that all participants are onboard!

We still have almost two weeks until the end of the national pre-selections on Dec. 1, when one national winner per each country will advance to the Global Finals and compete against each other. The only thing we can tell you know is exactly how many there will be: 132!!

Yes! This is the amazing number of countries that are participating in Global Rockstar right now and running a national pre-selection. We’re so excited, people!!

A lot is happening in the charts around the world and if you kept an eye on the global charts (the one you see if you select all countries in the Charts dropdown menu) you know that the top positions have changed many times since the last time I talked about it.

Some artists are rolling over the charts of their own countries with such an amazing vote count that they show up really high in the Global Charts. In other countries the battle is fierce in the national charts, so fierce that it shows globally!

Let’s have a look at the most aggressive ones…

(NB You have no idea how happy I am to use words like battle, fierce and aggressive in a strictly-music-sense… if only the earth was populated only by musicians and music lovers! We would channel all negativity into music making and endless peaceful discussions about it!!)


The top three in the Italian charts seems to have taken off! The three leading artists have made sprints in turns and switched places a couple of times… the other Italian artists will have to really speed up things if they want to reach #1 in time!

Interestingly, it is not only a battle between three artists but also between three distinctive genres.

The heavy heavy metal band Methedras, once #1 in Italy and third in the global charts, is now #3 in the Italian charts and #4 in the global ones. Yep, that’s how strong the competition is.

#2 in Italy and #3 in the global charts is Fléxy, born in Nigeria and currently based in Milan. His song Pretty Gal is a Hi-Life and R&B song and also a guarantee for party and fun with friends.

#1 both in Italy and globally is Antoine Michel, singer-songwriter based in Lampedusa, an island between Europe and Africa. His Sharabià is a mixture of sounds and inspirations from the whole Mediterranean Sea basin and also a hymn to multiculturalism itself.


#1 in the USA pre-selections charts is the steampunk band Steamvalve Nation. The vote count places them at an overall #2 in the global charts! Their Roll With It is a supreme example of how one can never get tired of playing and/or listening to classic rock!

(NB I have noticed that since my complaint they added some lovely steampunk accessories to their Marketplace… thank you Steamvalve Nation, you’re cool!!)

#2 in the USA charts is the folk grunge band Unpaved Highway and their track Back At Home, a touching song that is best defined as rock ‘n road! They are a respectable #19 in the overall charts.


There’s a big battle also in Germany, where Mo Bic, originally from Congo, addresses the difficulties of starting a new life in a different country. His R&B track Der Schein Trügt (in German <3) was in the top 10 of the Amazon .mp3 downloads 2013 in the category hip-hop and rap. He is #1 in Germany and #8 overall.

Second in Germany is Ani Lozanova with Cry Over, metal rock at his best. She currently lands #10 in the global charts, so the game is not over at all in Germany…


Top of the charts in Global Rockstar’s home country is the alternative rock band High Transition from Salzburg with their brand new song Devil Wings. We could listen to the unique sound of that bass guitar forever… they are currently #13 in the overall charts!

Very close is P.A.Dawson, who was top of the Austrian charts until recently, with his acoustic number Destiny Suite. Proof that music is really a language that everybody can interpret.


There is a tight race also down under, with two artists from Australia separated by a handful of votes.

Seren Skies and her alternative/punk/rock Hide Or Fight is currently #2 in Australia and #15 overall… did you know that Hide Or Fight was once defined as Alanis Morissette meets Adele? Hehe!

Seren was recently overtaken by Moscato, a five piece alternative band raising awareness for Auto Immune Disorders. Their song Unshiny is a fresh and catchy pop tune with more deepness than you would expect.

Well, that’s all for today… but only for today… :-)

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts