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Global Rockstar 2015 – The National Winners!

Sneaking around the Global Rockstar 2015 charts

The national preliminaries just ended and we can finally proudly present all national winners!

The Global Finals start right now and will end on December 15th – all National Winners compete against each other and the artist at the top of the charts at exactly 10:00am on Dec. 15 will be the winner of Global Rockstar 2015, get the 25,000 USD plus music equipment from our partners AKG, ADAM and PAISTE!

We received many requests from participating artists regarding one aspect of the Global Finals and we decided to relent… comparing to last year we changed one rule: the National Winners don’t start again from zero but take their vote count with them into the Global Finals! This will better take into account the support that the artists got from their fans during the National Preselections, that last much longer than the Global Finals.

!!! Don’t forget that not only the winner gets prizes but also second and third place are rewarded with fantastic music equipment! Click here to see what 1st, 2nd and 3rd place win! 😀

We want to take this chance to express a huge thank you to all artists who participated to the Global Rockstar 2015 National Pre-selections! No, really, T-H-A-N-K  Y-O-U!! You, all together, made this contest a big, glorious festival of music and peace. We hope that you had fun, that you earned money with the MEGAVOTE, that you discovered new music, influences and styles, that you found new fans and maybe a couple of friends…

Here all winners in strict continent/alphabetical order, happy Global Finals! <3


Algeria – Old Ravens
Botswana – Crae
Burkina Faso – Steven Sogo
Cameroon – Golden Boy (Fospassin)
Congo Democratic – Tonton Lusambo
Congo Republic – Gigi Kimson
Cote d’Ivoire – Tc Best
Eqypt – Portrait Avenue
Gambia – Abdul Selassie
Ghana – Fireworks Crew GH
Guinea Bissau – Eric Daro
Kenya – Fatihi Said
Liberia – M’press1 Love
Libya – Oshky
Madagascar – Dj gouty
Mali – Blind John O’Gunn
Mauritius – Millennium
Morocco – Amal El Ouazzani
Namibia – EES
Nigeria – Rex Razor
Rwanda – 2T
Senegal – Saah Karim & Shanti Starr
Sierra Leone – Meco Jay
South Africa – Vonngaishe
Sudan – aaaayayay
Swaziland – Mozaik The Producer
Tanzania – Gib Carter
Tunesia – Luci White
Uganda – Fantasies Galz
Zambia – Yvonne Mwale


Antigua and Barbuda – Respect
Argentina – Mistica
Barbados – Ayana John Wi.P
Belize – David Smith
Bolivia – Yuri Mijail
Brazil – Luis Antonio Bergonso
Canada – Mann
Chile – Mc Brow
Colombia – Manu Moreno
Costa Rica – Giovanni Barrantes Barrantes
Cuba – Rik 9550
Domincan Republic – Alex Berne
Ecuador – AntoniodoSamba
EL Salvador – Roberto Nochez
Grenada – Cjae
Guatemala – Esquema
Guyana – Delanda Cumberbatch
Haiti – Miu Haiti
Jamaica – Bryan Art
Mexico – Sons of Mothership
Nicaragua – Donald Weil
Panama – La Melancolia de Don Quixote
Paraguay – Shannon 
Peru – Jose Gaona
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Melissa
Suriname – G-girl
USA – Steamvalve Nation
Uruguay – Heber Lavecchia
Venezuela – Hayderik


Armenia – Lucy
Azerbaijan – Altun Zeynalov
Bangladesh – Bappy
China – Cherry Fung
Georgia – Asea Sool
India – Keerthi
Indonesia – Riannti
Iran – Planet V
Israel – Infy
Japan – NeoBallad
Jordan – Empty Chair
Kazakhstan – Northern Ocean
Korea South – K-Trance
Lebanon – Youssefkh
Malaysia – Mystical Mirage
Mongolia – The Colors
Nepal – Phiroj Basnet
Oman – Hutong
Pakistan – Fainu Mughal
Philippines – Stories Told
Qatar – k2-rick
Russia – Alessiee
Saudi Arabia – Dr Jeez
Singapore – Ciao Turtle
Sri Lanka – VY
Taiwan – Sabina Lark
Thailand – Madness Monkeys
Turkey – Dolunay Obruk
United Arab Emirates – Srinath
Uzbekistan – ИКНАЙТ!
Vietnam – Sagometal


Albania – Ardit Cuni
Austria – High Transition
Belarus – North Aurora
Belgium – Zoenalia
Bosnia and Herzegovina – Orion
Bulgaria – ZUUM
Croatia – Adari
Cyprus – turahtan
Czech Republic – Kubatko
Denmark – Tim Schou
Estonia – HND
Finland – Jimmy Guitar
France – Anoki
Germany – Ani Lozanova
Greece – Addiction
Hungary – SelleRman
Iceland – Sockface
Ireland – Willowjack
Italy – Methedras
Kosovo – Tr33
Latvia – Theatrum
Lithuania – Sen Svaja
Luxembourg – Yulia Valentin
Macedonia – Crossraod Blues Band
Malta – Lynda Law
Montenegro – Vanja Orlandic
Moldova – Tons of Pwoder
Netherlands – kahlina
Norway – Sigrid Sorgaard
Poland – WeArtists
Portugal – Blame Zeus
Romania – Daria Stefan
Serbia – Branin
Slovakia – Millhouse
Slovenia – TopStripper
Spain – Sander Clasen
Sweden – Peter Holmqvist
Switzerland – King Dean
Ukraine – Drive of Soul
United Kingdom – Shane Board


Australia – Moscato
Fiji – Elena Baravilala
New Zealand – Phil Doublet

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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