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Earn money while participating and get cool prizes while voting

This is it, the world’s largest online music contest is about to start!
Artists from all over the world are invited to participate in Global Rockstar 2015 – from amateur to professional production, as a music video or audio only, and in any genre. There’s only one rule: the song must be original!*

How and when does it happen?

On October 15th the national pre-selections of Global Rockstar 2015 begin (but artists can enter the contest until November 15th). The nominated songs compete against each other in the respective countries and fan voting determines one National Winner from each country. On December 1st the stage gets really global and the National Winners from each country compete together in the Global Final. On December 15th the winner will be announced.

What can I win?

You have the chance to win the Grand Prize of $25,000 USD, plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded with professional music equipment from AKG by HARMAN, Soundcraft, Paiste and Adam worth $20,000 USD.

How does the voting work?

There are two options to vote in Global Rockstar 2015:

  • Via social media (Facebook, Twitter, …);
  • With MEGAVOTES, paid votes that count more towards the charts and reward the fan with a unique goodie.

This year we introduce a fantastic new feature in the voting system, the MEGAVOTE. Basically, fans can upload credits on their profile (1 credit = 1 EUR) and spend it on voting, in a combination of voting and buying products from their favorite artist. The twist? MEGAVOTES count 10x more than social media votes for the charts!

Imagine your MEGAVOTE for a single: this will cost you 1 credit (1 EUR or 1.1269 USD as I write this on Sept.24) and the artist will get 10 votes for his chart position. And you get the song.

(The credit upload system is also a nice solution for those willing to keep their online expenses under control.)

What kind of goodies can I offer/buy during the contest?

Every artist can upload up to 20 different products on his/her profile, both digital (MP3) and physical products. There are 18 different physical products pre-defined for you (all the classics) but you can still go wild and invent something new.

Why are we doing this? Who earns and how much?

It is no secret that the music industry is struggling to find new ways to effectively deliver music to the customers. And by effectively deliver we mean with profit for the artist. Global Rockstar believes that streaming services are not the solution.

Fans all over the world are willing to support their favorite artists but sometimes the rules of the game are not as clear as they should be. Imagine calling a paid phone number or sending an SMS to support your candidate in a TV casting show… why is the money going to the network and not to the artist? Not even a share? Good candidates generate more phone calls than bad ones, why should this not be rewarded?

Global Rockstar has a secret: we earn money only if the artist earns money too!

Artist profiles and fan profiles are free of charge, everybody is welcome to present his/her music and/or discover new music on Global Rockstar. We only cut a share of the revenues generated on the platform. Artists get 90% of the revenues from sales of physical products/goodies in the price range of 1000 – 2500 credits; 80% of the revenues from sales of physical products/goodies in the price range of 5 – 1000 credits; 50% of the revenues from sales of digital products/goodies (MP3s).

Global Rockstar is not cheap to run, you can imagine, so we think cutting a share is definitely fair. :-)

* Well, only one rule is maybe exaggerated, you must be 16 years of age or older for example… btw, this post doesn’t substitute the official rules of participation, which you must read.

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts