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An interview with Ronny, co-founder of Global Rockstar

This is a short conversation I had with Ronny Steibl, co-founder of Global Rockstar and passionate music fan, a couple of days ago at a coffee break.

I hunt for fun, songs that make me shake my bum in my chair, alone, in front of my desk.

We briefly discussed how we personally use Global Rockstar, not because we work for the company but because we like music and consume a lot of it, just like other millions of music lovers who visit Global Rockstar. He agreed to put in on paper.

Are you a musician?
No, I play a little guitar just for fun but I’m, basically, a music consumer.

From a fan point of view, then, why did you build Global Rockstar?
Global Rockstar is a platform for music lovers who want to discover new, creative and independent music. And, as a matter of fact, we see the average time-on-site from the backend… we know for sure that music lovers use Global Rockstar exactly in this way!

Hehe, Big Brother is watching you! Do you discover new music on Global Rockstar?
Oh yes! Every day! And I’m not even one of the persons in charge of checking all the music for copyright, violence of graphic content! (giggles)

What do you do on Global Rockstar?
The easiest way to discover music is to browse through the charts of the Global Rockstar 2015 music contest. We are in the pre-selection phase right now, this means that each country participating is choosing the best artist to represent them in the Global Finals.

BTW, how many countries are there on Global Rockstar?
In the world there are 193 different countries recognized by the United Nations. 166 of them, plus Kosovo, are present on Global Rockstar and are running a Global Rockstar 2015 pre-selection right now. Isn’t this amazing?!

What about the other 26 countries?
It is a problem! (laughs) The idea that we are this close to representing the whole music world drives us crazy! Actually we discussed it the other day at a morning meeting… maybe we should run some extra ads for those countries, hire some scouts… just for the pleasure of having the whole world represented! They speak quite exotic languages in those countries, though!

Back to discovering music… how do you navigate through the Global Rockstar 2015 charts?
When you log in to Global Rockstar you will automatically find yourself in your own country pre-selection and will see your country’s charts. For me this means Austria. I, personally, always start from there… check my favorite (no, I’m not going to tell who he is!) and a couple of other artists I’ve discovered during Global Rockstar 2014 and 2013. Then I click around a bit… “hey, nice pic, let me listen to the song!” or “wow, they surely gained a lot of positions overnight, I’m wondering how they sound” and so on.

How do you switch to other countries?
By choosing another country in the Charts dropdown menus you can sneak into other countries’ pre-selections and check what’s happening there. I, personally, follow a couple of international artists that I regularly check in their charts and then, again, click around a bit.

What else?
If I have time I indulge in my favorite game on Global Rockstar… music hunting! I hunt for jewels, songs so beautiful they deserve an instant Ronny-Award. I hunt for fun, songs that make me shake my bum in my chair, alone, in front of my desk. I hunt for unusual sounds from exotic countries I always dreamed of visiting, or where I’ve spent a week during last summer’s holiday.

Sometimes I visit the charts of countries so remote that there are just a handful of participants, and religiously play and listen to the few entries. All of them.

Because, afterwards, I always feel so… cosmopolitan! And at peace with the universe.

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

261 posts