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GLOBAL ROCKSTAR 2015 – Who’s top of the charts?

Sneaking around the Global Rockstar 2015 charts

© by Global Rockstar

Global Rockstar 2015, the world’s largest online music contest, has started, the MEGAVOTE is up-and-running and the charts are slowly starting to take form… let’s have a look at the artists that made a quick start!

Fun-fact: Did you know that you can see not only the charts of each country but also the global charts with all of them mixed together? You don’t have to wait until Dec. 1 for the Global Finals to start, you can see all artists together now, sorted by votes, by going to the Charts on Global Rockstar and simply scrolling up in the country’s dropdown menu: the first choice is All countries. I didn’t know that myself 😛

As I write, Shane Board from Dorset, UK, who is fundraising for diabetes research, leads the charts of both the UK pre-selections and the Global Rockstar 2015 global charts. Second comes the steampunk band Steamvalve Nation from Chicago, IL, USA. Third place goes to Italy, with the heavy metal band Methedras from Bergamo.

So… drummroll… Global Rockstar proudly presents the current podium artists:

Shane Board Quote 1Shane Board is an old acquaintance of Global Rockstar… last year he won the UK pre-selections in Global Rockstar 2014 with Your Day Will Come and ended up fifth in the final charts! We’re so happy to have him back this year.

This year Shane immediately jumped to the top of the charts with his Find A Cure, a powerful song that has a hymn quality.

Shane Board Quote 2Shane started offering only physical products in his Marketplace and later added music for downloads too.

Note for Artists: you can always add and/or remove goodies from your Marketplace in order to become more attractive for your old and new fans. Keep an eye on what the others are doing and learn from each other!

Steamvalve Nation Quote 1Second place is Steamvalve Nation from Chicago, IL, USA. A futuristic musical experience in a science fiction adventure, Steamvalve Nation makes the musical and theatrical worlds collide: Jules Verne meets rock and roll!

In exchange for MEGAVOTES on their song Roll With It they offer singles to download, posters autographed either by front-man Terry Tuccori or the whole band, physical EPs and even music video credit for their next production.

If you, like me, also have a tiny bit of your heart pumping steampunk, you may miss the possibility to exchange MEGAVOTES for… their outfits! Maybe if we all ask them very politely… who knows?!

Methedras Quote 1In third place is Methedras, the quintessence of the most direct-in-your-face thrash-death style, they are among the leading underground Italian bands. Methedras has performed hundreds of concerts throughout Europe, many of them in support of big names in the international metal scene (Dismember, Hatesphere, Destruction, The Haunted, Onslaught, Exodus, Overkill, Sepultura, Testament, Heathen, Hirax). In December 2015 they will extensively tour Ukraine, Italy and Spain.

In exchange for MEGAVOTES on their song Deathocracy they offer singles downloads, autographed cards, physical albums, band t-shirts (I already have an outfit in mind) up to a lifetime membership in the band’s guest list.

My favorite, though, is “Get Drunk With Us, You can drink with the band for free until you fall down” for 500 credits! (1 credit = 1 EUR). I’m a lightweight and I’m not really into heavy metal music, but I’m very much into… heavy metal musicians! I don’t know why but they always turn out to be the nicest people on earth. And now I have this crazy picture in my mind of partying and drinking champagne with Methedras…

That’s all for now but stay tuned, ‘cos this is only the beginning… 😀

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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