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Global Rockstar 2014 second place in the national pre-selection storms Austria

© by Mr. Jones

Last year we held a live event for the end of the national pre-selection of Global Rockstar 2014 at the Radiokulturhaus in Vienna. The event was attended by 250 people and followed by an amazing 250,000 viewers at home in over 60 countries in one of the biggest live stream events ever held in Austria. (And we have the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Years Concert in town, not easy to top that!)

Music means a lot to us. With our lyrics we want to touch the hearts of the listener.

We invited many artists to perform live in the hopes of having a national winner on stage. Two of the featured bands we invited placed first and second place in the Austrian charts, the brother duo Laurin & Nico and Mr. Jones, a young band from Burgenland, the eastern Austrian region that borders with Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Mr. Jones is comprised of Niklas (drums), Lukas (lead voice), Christian (guitar), Thomas (keyboard) and Thomas (bass guitar). They all started to play and study music from a young age, gathered band experience in the last several years, and two of them even formed their first cover band together in their teens. Last summer Christian came to a turning point in every musician’s path — he composed his first songs. The next logical step was to form a band, record an EP and enter a contest (most musicians are probably thinking that’s the “story of my life”). The five guys chose Global Rockstar as their first step.

Fact is the band was so young they didn’t even have a name yet. They wanted to take their time with it because it is such an important decision, and after all it is not easy to find a name that five people agree on. As they sat together to fill in the Global Rockstar entry form they had to make a choice and enter a band name. The radio was playing in the background as they started to discuss names… but nothing seemed to be good enough. Suddenly Counting Crows’ Mr. Jones came on and Lukas begins to thoughtlessly hum the tune. One after the other they all join in until they finally have the epiphany: Mr. Jones was born!

Mr. Jones entered Global Rockstar 2014 with their new track Summer Day and scored well during the national pre-selection. At Global Rockstar we loved their sound and energy so we invited them and they accepted. What we didn’t know before meeting Mr. Jones at sound-check was that they had never played live together before this moment!

Mr. Jones nailed their show at the Radiokulturhaus in front of many big names in the Austrian broadcasting scene. First place went to Laurin & Nico, who proceeded to land 4th place in the finals, but a radio station noticed Mr. Jones’ performance and they were invited to a live-talk at Radio Orange. They had a whole hour to present their new EP Reason with five new songs. After that, they won or placed in many different Austrian band contests, both live and online.

This summer they had their first experience with open-air festivals. They opened the second day at Picture on Festival, and shared a stage with names like Wanda, Stereo MCs and Soulfly. In their own words, things started getting serious:

“A great experience for us, we had a lot of fun and got even more conscious of what we want to reach”.

At the end of August they played at the 15th edition of legendary FM4 Frequency Festival, with big names such Linkin Park, The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers in the lineup.
By the end of the year we expect Mr. Jones’ new album release… the journey is only just beginning!

Mr. Jones Picture on Festival

P.S. We know that Mr. Jones’s speedy ascent is entirely by their merit, no question. Global Rockstar is nevertheless very proud of having been a special accelerator for them. We want to give up and coming talents a global stage to present their music, so maybe… we’re doing it right too!

Written by Monica Mel

Global Rockstar magazine editor

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